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I'm very happy to announce the Age of Arthur 1.0 is now available for download. I hope you all have as much fun playing it as I did making it.

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Thank you all for your support and encouragement over the past year, it took a lot of hours and hard work, but I'm happy to finally say 1.0 is here!


Change Log:

  • Queen Mab quest line (join Merlin option) - finished = huge quest-line...12 sub quests...some with their own sub quests
  • fixed assassins in night quest
  • fixed issue when asking wife about children
  • removed rus helmet - replaced with new
  • fixed some tournaments
  • added dozens of new quests
  • added adultery possibilities
  • added new quest items
  • fixed break the seige of Lundien quest
  • fixed lord dialog when asking permission to recruit
  • fixed bridge battles - they now only happen near bridges
  • added another bridge scene
  • added a few missing bridges on map
  • removed mail from merc swordsmen
  • added more items
  • added a few new armors
  • fixed child growth timers
  • fixed a few issues with dialog
  • added new animal encounters, fight bears and wolves
  • added new animal animations - credit TLD
  • added some missing scenes
  • minor scene polishing
  • a few more spelling fixes
  • fixed path-finding issue getting to Tongrorum
  • fixed a few map glitches
  • added new lady quests
  • added new lord quest
  • added new village elder quest
  • fixed an issue that was preventing new quests from being available
  • fixed priest starting quest
  • fixed issue upgrading forts
  • fixed issue upgrading villages to towns
  • added missing scenes in refuge
  • dueling single troops bug/freeze
  • added new music tracks - credit
  • added missing port attack scenes
  • fixed auto-conquer during port attacks
  • fixed a few random event errors
  • fixed funeral scene
  • fixed an issue with find your fathers killer quest
  • - added new commander options to battles
  • added new ambushing possibilities and new ambush scenes
  • fixed some flowers in scenes (not as prominent)



Your hard work is duly appreciated m'lady.

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Found a bug where the game stops after completing the grapes quest for the village elder.

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May I be the first to point out that the scene where your soldier challenges you to a duel cannot be left when you are finished with it... so if you have low morale it makes the game nigh unplayable which is quite annoying.

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Not sure if this was fixed in 1.1 but there is some sort of op error when trying to enter a settlement after buying a ship...

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I very much enjoy this mod, but I am having extreme problems finding stone or wood can you implement a specific trader for this or perhaps some more quarries and limber yards?
P.S. If I missed anything please tell me because I have not fully read all of the update notes.

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I also can't upgrade my village even though I have the money. My screen flickers then nothing happens. My screen froze when I wanted to buy supplies from my village.
P.S. Don't make farms, limber yards, and quarries/salt mines colored. It makes them so hard to distinguish.
(Edit) My game crashed when I tried upgrading my fire witch to and advanced witch. Also attacking towns is impossible because of the AI it can't walk it just gets stuck so you have to enter and fight like 300 people by yourself.

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