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Ive got a bunch of info to give out about the 1.0 BETA! Including: Graphical changes, major bug fixes, new sounds, an installer, and I also would like to run a small poll, if no-body votes, then the feature in question will remain as it is now, and MORE!

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Well it is a few weeks to BETA release time and that means now is a good time for a small sneak peek at what is to be. As of now, the biggest changes between 1.0 ALPHA and 1.0 BETA will be:
-More Stable
-New Sounds
-Some Major Bug Fixes
-Many Minor Bug Fixes
-And a possible new feature which would replace a current one. (See end of news post for more information)

Since the release of 1.0 ALPHA and the two mappacks, I have found several bugs and also had many reported to me by players. One major bug is that the zombies cannot attack you if you are lying down. So far, the way I have decided to fix this is to remove the prone position, but if I come up with a better fix, I will most likely implement it instead. Many other bugs include:
-Vehicles on certain maps
-Bloodgulch's un-cap for the Survivor team
-A couple typos
-And some graphical bugs

Some new features to be implemented into 1.0 BETA are:
-New flags for the mini-map and top other area's that have not had their flag changed to the zombie or survivor ones.
-Hopefully changing team names in more area's (from EU to survivor and PAC to zombie)
-New sounds for the zombie team replacing the current PAC sounds
-Possibly new main menu music / background
-Improved zombie AI
-Allow the zombie commander to have 100% complete control over what the zombie squads do (they will never say no if they are run by bots. Bots become 100% obedient to the commander)
-Slightly improved zombie skins
-Improved Survivor Skins
-Greater overall stability (fewer crashes)

I have also decided that the 1.0 BETA will include an installer versus a zip folder. The zip folder installation method seems to have caused many problems for people and the most common reported bug is the mod crashing every few seconds. This is most likely due to an in-correct installation and the implementation of an installer should remove this problem.

Now for the possible feature. I have been hard at work on implementing AI for the survivor team; but have hit an impassable roadblock. If we are to have AI for the survivor team, then I am going to be forced to remove the feature of having kits with multiple primary weapons as they have now. If I do this, I will re-add in kit customization options, as well as add more ammo to each weapon (except place-able stationary weapons [RDX, APM, Sentry Gun, and Portable sheild]). So now the question is, would you rather have the kits as they aer now, with multiple primary weapons, or would you rather have sngle primary weapon kits and AI on the survivor team? I have decided to make it a vote, and if no-one votes, then I will leave the kits as they are and eliminate the new feature. So place your vote in the comments under this news post! Vote: "Yes" for the new feature. Or vote "No" for the new feature. Please note though, the ability to customize your kit may or may not be able to happen due to the way I have weapons set up. If this cannot happen, then I will have another vote for which primary to include in each kit at a later date. I will be tallying the votes for or against the new feature tomorrow (saturday 12/19) night at 11:59 PM (U.S Central Time). So get your vote in before it is too late! (Note: I will extend the vote deadline by 24 hours if this news post is not published by 12:00PM staurday 12/19 (U.S Central Time).

Thats all for this update, look for new screenshots within a couple days, and possibly a gameplay demo video once I have the new sounds finished!



Yes, new feature. i love customization.

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