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Summary of what happened in the first week of development.

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In the first week i started with a small map and the main Unit, the MTB. Basic Movement of the MTB was implemented with W|A|S|D - Keys and an RPG Camera that moves with the MTB and can be rotated around the MTB with mouse while right mouse Button is pressed.
Then Collision detection between Game-Objects has been added. Currently a Game-Object stops moving on Collision, I might Change this later so Objects can be pushed or crushed I'm not sure about that yet.
The next step was Shooting Projectiles creating Explosions and check their influence to the Game-Objects. Currently the MTB shoots some simple Projectile (a Ball) when Holding left control and click left mouse Button. The Projectile has limited lifetime and Range so it is pretty flexible to handle. Explosions got exlposion radius and lifetime so i can make effects like fire that burn on or something. Damage is dealt every second to Keep some control over it, and to see that damage i also added HealthBars and Info Text above Game Objects. I could Change the Update interval value but right now the second is good enough.
The next Thing was creating Units, because the MTB should be multi-functional and also be able to create new Units. Therefor i created an Missile Launcher (which is also on the Preview Image of this News) that can be "bought" with the Unit "+" Button on the UI. Game Objects became commandable so you can now select them with left mouse Button and give them a MoveTo Command with right mouse Button while selected.
UI was the Keyword: here has also something changed. From starting with a simple Icon of the MTB i added now the MTB Health Bar, a Unit Icon that Switches to the Icon of the currently selected Unit and its Health Bar, an Icon for Unit creation (Menu) plus Button and an Icon for Building creation (Menu) plus Button.
Finally Teams have been implemented so each GameObject has a Team right now. New created Units like the Missile Launcher automatically become the same Team as the MTB that created them. Only GameObjects of the same Team as your MTB can be selected and Commanded. Damage also checks for Teams so i disabled friendly fire and all Kind of Damage only applies to non-teammates.

I guess that's it so far. In my Opinion this is some good Progress for a first week of development. If there's any Irrlicht coder that is interested in Parts of the sourcecode just contact me, and at this Point some thanks to a guy called "sudi" for the Explosion effect he made and i was able to use for my explosions and thanks to Robert E. Demarest AKA Mastiff for his Event Receiver I'm using in an self-modified Version.

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