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Hey all! So to anyone who is following or is a future follower of this project. Thank you! I wanted to give some status on the project.

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Hello everyone. Tabletop Dungeon is aiming to be a dungeon crawling game where you fight the monsters, travel through the levels and find epic loot. This is a one man project so progress might be a bit slow and I want every aspect to be just right and look perfect. I appreciate the followers and support! Any suggestions, ideas or discussion would be great! This project I want to mold over a long period to something I enjoy playing. I don't have a particular time frame for the project but I will actively be working on it when I can and after time it will go from alpha,beta and hopefully then greenlit or sold someplace. That's the dream ;)

Project Status

Currently I have programmed a very basic map editor in java that I lets me draw out the maps and export the images + wall array code which easily lets me import it into Unity3D with a maploader script. I might work on the editor to make it more complex but I kind of like the wall/floor 2 tone element. As for items, doors? These elements will be 3D or 2D sprites with animations that will react based on clicking on them or walking over them. So what's next?

Well the main thing I need to put time into is the battle system and stats. This is going to take a bit of planning and I hope to keep the stats minimal but customizable aswell. Once the stats are in place I will build up the battle system. At the moment there is squares showing the active places you can click on and that will be integrated into how you will attack enemies.

Loot? Will be pretty straight forward. It will be randomized and will drop when you kill enemies. It will also spawn scaling to the dungeon level you are on and the monsters will scale as well.

Story? I've a few ideas for the story but I really need to write these down and I hope to use a Unity3D plugin called Fungus to control the dialogues.

TL;DR Status is pre-alpha, welcome, much work to be done.

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