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Check out the latest version of Lightrise! There are many performance enhancements, gameplay tuning, visual polish, and bugfixes in this release. Enjoy!

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- Tweaked some timings with melee
- Switched melee to use capsule cats rather than ray casts. What this means is better coverage around the weapon swing, which should improve the feel of melee significantly.
- Rest damage penalty has been increased.
- Fixed bug that was causing a delay before the first tick of AOEs!
- Fixed system messages not properly reporting increased damage while resting.
- New bindings for MouseWheelUp and MouseWheelDown
- Dropping a binding on top of another will now move the old one to unbound, and bind the new one.
- Implemented Steam backend
- Implemented auto-login/account creation via Steam (Just need to get Greenlit!)
- Implemented character LOD solution which I've been meaning to do for a while, and should further improve performance.
- Fixed bug: footsteps were being played while airborne
- All character textures updated
- Harmony trees greatly thinned out and mostly replaced with 100yo Sequioas.
- New tutorial mini-game Skeleton Horde
- Casting time on Waterburst lowered to 1.5s
- Fixed quality setting not saving session to session
- Varying sounds for death & melee now (still not final)
- Extended 2h melee swing a bit
- Texture work on Redoubt

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