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The 0.9.1-scriptfix update and the future of the mod.

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Hi everyone!

One month has passed since the release of 0.9. Unfortuantely it had a serious bug that made the game conflict with CLEO scripts. I have been researching a bit how scripts work in GTA 3 and finally was able to fix it.

The fix was very simple. It involves editing the CustomVariables.ini file in Sanny Builder 3 directory. On line 8, change script_controlled_player to player_actor. Then save the file and recompile your main.scm. After doing all that, the bug should go away and CLEO scripts should start working again.

0.9.1 also fixed some typos and added some small changes :)

Enhanced Edition

The "Enhanced Edition" of the mod is based on GTA Vice City engine and the GTA Liberty City total conversion mod which allows to add some variety with missions, plus native support for bikes and helicopters/planes.

As of the time of this writing, the first and second missions were ported successfully. It will take some time to port all the missions, though.

Here's some gameplay of the first mission:

If enough progress is made I will create a ModDB page for it.

Stay tuned for more updates! :)

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