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A Day in Liberty just got better! Final mission, Newport safehouse (ported from LCS), 4 new missions, fixed dialogue and a lot of bug fixes!

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After a considerable amount of time, 0.9 finally arrives.

Some screenshots:

vlcsnap 2020 03 09 19h40m52s532

vlcsnap 2020 03 09 19h39m47s052

vlcsnap 2020 03 09 19h41m16s559

List of new changes:

- There are now cars on Staunton and Shoreside Bridges
- 4 new missions
- 5 rampages
- New dialogue
- New property: Fully working LCS Safehouse
- Sewers
- Back to the Roots fully rewritten using the new sewers
- Final mission: Most Wanted (thanks Jeansowaty)
- Some parts of the dialogue are rewritten (thanks universetwisters)
- Ghost Town collision (only parts needed for cutscene)
- Intro
- Kill Frenzy sound from GTA 2
- A lot of bug fixes
- Standalone version (the version that doesn't require ModLoader) 
Head over to the "Files" section to download! 

More over, you no longer need 1.0 or ModLoader to enjoy this mod! If you liked it and want to support
the development of the mod and my future projects, please consider supporting me on Patreon.

There's also a Discord server where you can suggest new features, report bugs and post your videos
about the mod. Enjoy and have fun!

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