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XF team is glad to announce a new update for Far Cry: CrossFire mod!

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XF team is glad to announce the new Far Cry: CrossFire update. It contain some major bug fixes that can cause game or server crashes, and also some improvements of realism and gameplay. changelog:

  • Fixed game crash with critical exception when a player spawn at the same time a projectile explode!!!
  • Fixed shotguns that causes suicide and/or renaming the player who shot with and also server crash.
  • Fixed the vote call for map changes that say the maps are not in the server map cycle.
  • Fixed the vote buttons that don't show up.
  • The submit vote buttons are now disabled by default into the vote panel to avoid to call a vote for settings that are already currently set.
  • Bleeding is now disabled for friendly fire when friendly fire is disabled.
  • Sounds are now disabled when the player is underwater.
  • Fixed missing weapons fire sounds for long weapon burst (bypass the 15 sounds limitation).
  • Added sound occlusion for weapons fire, footsteps, bullet hits and many other sounds.
  • Fixed the bullets fly-by sounds when player is behind the bullet impact point (No more bullets fly-by sounds for shots from other rooms).
  • Fixed the throwing Knife that was unable to throw when player walk in water.
  • The throwing knife now play a sound when thrown.
  • The throwing knife now prevent to throw at short distance to avoid to throw it when on melee contact.
  • The minimap size have been increased.

Due to beta development stage, the mod is currently only available upon request on our Discord.




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