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Alien Wall Unsnagger, Marine health lowered, Pulse Rifle damage increase, Smartgun tracking/damage increase, Flamethrower damage increase, Proximity Mine removal, Pistol damage increase, NPC alien damage increase, NPC marine damage increase, new console commands, bot loader passive.

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=== 0.8.3 ===
* Alien Wall Unsnagger will unstick you from a wall or building etc if you ever get stuck in an unmovable position.
* Marine healh lowered by 5%.
* Pulse Rifle does more damage and is more lethal now.
* Smartgun does slightly more damage. It all tracks a bit faster.
* Pulse Grenade does approx. 60% more damage now. It also kills Marines in one hit.
* Flamethrower damage increased 100%.
* Proximity mines disabled (will be enabled later if find a way to add a delay to them).
* Pistol now does vastly more damage and is now a serious weapon.
* NPC Aliens (all types) do 3x more damage.
* NPC Marines (Pulse,Smart) do same damage as the player.
* Added NPC_DMG command to console (lets you turn off NPC damage increase for single player or skirmish--it will turn back on if you join MP).
* Added PLAYERS command to console (lists all players in the server and shows if they are using uMod).
* Bot Loader is now passive.

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