Post news RSS 0.8156, a heated debate on our forums and a funny discussion

We finally get a good netcode, that ends up triggering a need for re-ballancing characters and weapons. And we have a weirder piece of audio just for you.

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We'll make a list of things for this news post:

  1. First of all I want to apologise for not delivering the last week audio on time. And also for not delivering it this week either.
  2. Second order of business: 0.8156. Or to be more accurate, 0.81566118220597196831200487507617. This is the hit ratio for the new netcode. This means that from 100 hit claims (when you see blood splatter) 81-and-something of them will result in actual damage being dealt to the enemy player.
    Coupled with the existing entity interpolation (we had that done for quite some time now) it brings the netcode of AvP2 to an almost Source standard. We still have a few tweaks to do to it, but it's definitely a major step forward. And that was definitely felt in the last test session, where players with pings ranging from under 100 to around 300 managed to have a good time playing the mod.
  3. Next point of our agenda: our feedback forum topic is turning into a riot. And that's good, actually.
    Since the new netcode development, the classes and weapons now desperately need some ballancing. Almost everything, from speed and pounce range to weapon damage and mechanics needs a second look. And feedback for these items keeps pouring, much to our delight.
  4. Last point for today: since we got behind with our podcast, we're giving you something else instead:

    It started initially with just me and Matt, then we were joined by Jeff (at time 09:00). We discuss various topics, from AvP2 Team Fortress to Jeff's single player project. We also ramble about various game platforms and engines, we mention IG: Warlord, Yo Frankie!, and even a WOW kid video.

    The editing was a bit rushed, so I'd label this one 17+ :P

Before signing off, I'd like to thank Jeff for helping us with a server for last Saturday, despite the very short notice. Thanks Jeff!

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