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Sir!! Starfleet reports that the fleet is complete!!

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......and so it would seem that the Federation side is complete. All ships and stations (witht he exception of the Achilles class) are running well and I've found zero crashes. The complete list line up is as follows:

Standard Construction Ship
Starbase, Mining Station, Shipyard, Sensor Relay, Pulse Phaser Turret, Torpedo Turret, Research Station, Advanced Research Station, Advanced Shipyard and Midas Array (deep space sensor array).

Standard Construction Vessel, Dilithium Freighter, Lethe Class Scout, Advanced Construction Ship, Dominion Construction Vessel.

Miranda, Defiant, Ambassador, Akira, Steamrunner, Intrepid, Sabre and Luna Class vessels.

Advanced Shipyard
Excelsior, Norway, Nebula (standard weapon pod), Vivace, Galaxy, Sovereign, Poseidon, Excalibur and Prometheus Class vessels.

Advanced Construction Ship
Spacedock (starfleet HQ), Upgraded Mining Station, Heavy Phaser Turret, Heavy Artillery Turret, Section 31 Shipyard, Temporal Reseach Station.

Spacedock (starfleet HQ)
Construction Vessel, Caeser Class (Advanced dilithium freighter), Advanced Construction Vessel, Interceptor Class (advanced scout)

Section 31 Shipyard
Ronin, Scorpion, Achilles and Destiny Class vessels.

All ships carry 1 or more special weapon but be warned. There are no new special weapons so all these ships have had the stock ones spread throughout them. This doesn't detract from gameplay but does diversify the ship available a bit more. Unlike the previous mods this ones ship prices are in line with the stock game and in the case of ship/stations that directly replace the stock versions the prices have remained unchanged.

All stock planets have been replaced as have many of the stock map units. Single player mission tech trees have been altered to allow the usage of the new units and the AI has been redically altered to allow it to use any and all ships available to that side. Weapons sprites have been drastically altered in size and thickness of phaser beams has been decreased. Each weapon now looks a bit more realistic (phaser beams don't look huge compared to the ship of a ship that fires it). Blue shield effects that C.A.B.A.L released have been included and really set of weapon impacts well.

So far so good, but theres still much to do. The Borg are next in line for updating and the credit text files still need to be finished although the Federation side is ready to beta stage.

Thats it for now.......stay tuned for some ingame images!!

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