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This game can be downloaded from the link. It's not on Steam yet, so I"ll have to settle with this for now, but that's okay! These are the most important of the features currently in OnTurned through development to version 0.8.0. There might be many bugs, but all/most will be fixed for the next update.

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  • Made MapMaker
  • Made saving for Map Maker
  • Made loading for Map Maker
  • Made delete item
  • Add zooming in and out
  • Added Multiple map types
  • Added possibility for users to host servers and choose whatever map they made to play
  • Make all items from maps load up in the game
  • Add saving to new map items in new slot
  • Add loading to new map items
  • Added clients and a way for host to tell clients his map type
  • Added an inventory
  • Made an inventory pickup system
  • Made a click/place system for moving around in the inventory
  • Made a drop system for the inventory
  • Added item stacks
  • Added chat
  • Made users to back to menu when host leaves the server.
  • Added collision to buildings


  • Fixed bug that let some items stay on screen when deleted
  • Fix players seeing other players under buildings
  • Fixed holding shift and placing giving the user items instead of taking away items


  • Changed users signing up overwriting previous versions, to having multiple accounts on one computer.
  • Changed map size from 999, to 9999
  • Changed zoom from q and e, to z and x

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