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Zombie Mod 2143 has 0.7 Released! Now with more Gameplay Mechanics, more Zombie Slaying, and more Teamwork needed!

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Well you heard right! the 0.7 Version of the mod is complete! after some inactivity, the Mod was finished after a lot of friends where complaining that the mod was Dead. So here it is! The Changelog is as follows:

-Added Minsk
-Added Operation Shingle
-Fixed Cerbere Landing Ticket Count
-Fixed Problem with Support Kit not being able to spawn on Verdun
-Added Escape gamemode to most Non-Northern Strike Maps
-Edited Map Descriptions on load
-Removed gunships from Belgrade 16
-Lowered Ammount of Mags for SMG
-Multiplied Sniper Rifle Zoom X2
-Inreased ROF on Sniper from 30 to 60
-Edited Sniper first Person Sound(removed the Bolt part of the Sound)
-Fixed Commander Crate to Not repair Vehicles
-Fixed python Code at end of round
-Fixed Loading Music for All Maps
-Removed parts of the HUD
-Edited gametypes to Mirror the Mod Better
-Edited Menu to help guide the player
-Removed Medic Hub from Support to prevent building jumping
-Removed Parachute from Recon Kit to prevent RDX jumping spam
-Added Grenades to the Automatic Rifleman Kit

This version was by far the hardest version of the mod to complete, but also the most stable, and most fun. The Server will be up on Saturdays, and a Official Community Event every Saturday at 8pm EST (-5 GMT), in which I will attend, and the Server will for sure be up for the Event. And with that, I leave you the trailer made by Pyromaniac, One of the Testers. Enjoy!

Have fun with the new Version!
Developer, Zombie Mod 2143

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