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The main focuses with this release have been performance optimization, as well as a complete overhaul to space combat.

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Version 0.6 has been released! It's available currently on the Steam Workshop and will be added to Mod Database once any hotfixes have been done (to save people from having to redownload it). The main focuses with this release have been performance optimization, as well as a complete overhaul to space combat.

Balance & Gameplay:
- Space rebalancing: every ship's stats and the basic formulas for them have been redone from scratch. All combat interactions are now different.
- Tooltips now include in-depth unit stats
- Old Lucrehulk Battleship split into Lucrehulk Battleship / Battlecarrier variants
- CR25 Lander added
- Sate Pestage added (Republic economic hero)
- Gizor Dellso added (CIS Providence hero)
- More new VO added / fixed
- Added a target dummy to instant action, and the ability to change the side units spawn for (can do mirror matches)
- Neutron Star temporarily removed from Order 65 branch
- Hundreds of other small changes and fixes

- Galactic level lag drastically reduced.
- Subfactions no longer try to pathfind across the galaxy, instead they attack planets that are adjacent.
- Galactic LUA framework optimized for week transitions, shouldn't see the same level of lag spikes when switching weeks.
- Fighter squadrons combines into groups of 6, 12, 24 and 36 to reduce CPU strain on tactical level (and screen clutter)

- Initial work on space projectiles and particles begun
- Instant Action map redone
- Eta 2 visual update (lander version for Jedi included as well)
- DP20 visual update
- Marauder Cruiser visual update
- Z-95 / Clone Z-95 visual update / added
- Diamond cruiser visual update
- New texture for engine targeting reticle
- 187th (Mace Windu) and 327th (Aayla Secura) legion skins added
- Faction shadow blobs (selection and landing) updated

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This update is amazing! I love the idea of being able to see each ship stats. I know that this feature is not unique to this mod, but still, it's great! Also the new lasers, they look (in my opinion) so much better now than in the previous version. And finally, the lag from my GC map has dissappeared, incredible.
Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you put into this mod and the other ones you have!!

PD: Since FotR and ICW use the same assets and gameplay mechanics,I'm wondering if there will be an update like this for ICW. I'm just curious.

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.Corey. Author

Glad you're enjoying it! The changes will all be coming to TR as soon as possile, just a lot more content there so it'll take some time to convert.

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any update on that release? I'm very excited to play :)

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