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Just a quick post-release update to assist people with 0.5b2

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Hey guys - just got a few things for you with regard to 0.5b2:

First, I've been asked to advise you all to update your copy of the Objective Points mod. It comes bundled with 0.5b2 (it manages strategic point flags for various races, including ours), and apparently we used a copy that's about 10 months old. The current version can be obtained here and will greatly assist you with attempting to combine our mod with other mods:

Second, we have a few known issues:
1) The Tyranid AI may seem like it needs tweaking, actually what's going on is that there's apparently a bug where non-player Tyranids may not start with any Influence.
2) Multiplayer may just outright not work.
3) Occasionally players are experiencing disappearing buildings.

These should be fixed in the next 0.5 release, which oughtn't to take too long since we're mostly just bugfixing and balancing for the next release.

Finally, if you're experiencing an issue where you cannot build Spore Chimneys and are getting a message along the lines of "Not enough power. You need 0. Build more generators." please tell us. We've had two reports of it, and not enough information to follow up on it.

We still have a bug thread open on our forum, and it has some player-created fixes for certain issues including the AI/not enough Influence problem.

Hopefully everyone's still having fun. :)

Official AI/Influence Patch:

Miros, our coder, has released a patch which fixes the issues the AI sometimes has where it does not build and only produces units. As mentioned above, it's part of the "AI not starting with Influence" issue. Click here to download it.

Extract the zip file to your Soulstorm folder, it'll place the necessary file into the Tyranid Mod and voila, you're done.


Am i the only one having the problem of having the ai tyranids not build anything?

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Check the link to our forum. There's a fix there.

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Is this new version compatible with the codex mod? The AI still builds spore chimneys even after i put the AI/Influence patch

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Yeah the patch doesn't work at all. Still the same old issues, even combined with Codex. Just going to stick with the 0.5b1 and wait for the newer version.

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