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This server side only hotfix provides compatibility for Arma 3 v1.38+ with some improvements and fixes.

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Server Download:

[Changed] BE filters updated for Arma 1.38.
[Changed] Required build and hostname updated in config.cfg
[Fixed] SteamAPI error handling added to DLL that fixes 100% CPU issue (This feature will be re-enabled after fully tested).
[Fixed] Removed allowDamage false on player model which caused server side AI not to damage players.
[Info] AiA Terrain pack updated. Download the proper version here
[Info] Remove old 2014 AiA TP bikeys and use the newer 2015 ones included in this release.

Admin Tool:
[Added] Admin sub menus configurable for Owner and lower admins.
[Added] Give Krypto option added. Default values are 2500,1000,500,100,50,-1000 These options are configurable.
[Added] Vehicle Repair and Repair Vehicle Target.
[Changed] Admin Delete Target Key is now F5, fix double usage of DEL Key.
[Fixed] Misspelling in spawn menu (Categories).
[Info] Some new features commented because they require a newer client build.

[Added] Dynamic loading server side of rscdisplay onload/unload checks with override ability (CBA support).
[Added] Checks if the antihack is running, you can change in the config what happens when found not running. (Log/Ban).
[Changed] Prefix added to PVS names and a BE filter added in publicVariable.txt. This means that BEC + watchdog are no longer mandatory and will only be needed if no prefix is used. If you change the prefix update the BE filter accordingly.
[Changed] Improve anti-teleport script.
[Changed] Native support for All in ArmA Version from 01.01.2015.

Please Note: Some of this information is incomplete and will be fully documented in the next major patch changelogs.

Update Notes: EpochServer.dll, @epochhive/Addons (both server pbos), battleye filters, and epochah.hpp. Remove old AiA TP keys and add the new ones.

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