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The latest patch for Life is Feudal: Your Own is now live. focuses on further stability, along with a fully functional server browser (Direct IP connect without the console!) and tailoring working.

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Hey there Feudalists! Today's patch brought a lot of stability to some common issues users were previously having, along with fixes to a couple of systems including Breeding and Tailoring. Go get crafting clothes ASAP!

Today’s patch is about a proper server browser along with a lot of fixes of notorious crashes, exploits and glitches.

Patch notes (ver.

  • Added a proper functionality for servers browser (favorites, direct IP connect, etc.)
  • Console can now be toggled with Ctrl+~. That should allow usage of special letters in some languages
  • You can now use Tailoring to craft different outfits and clothes
  • Fixed “infinimoose” bug, that allowed you to skin animal corpses after each server restart
  • Fixed notorious client initialization crash with different 7.1 audio devices. Fixed some crashes that were related to the change of audio devices
  • Added some more workarounds to fix an issue when a laptop discrete video card was not used for rendering. Removed misleading video adapter option from Video options. Do not forget to update your drivers!
  • Added Z-axis animals attack check. Animals should no longer be able to hit you if you’re above them (on a wall, watchtower etc)
  • Fixed a bug, when someone entering observe or construction mode would interrupt everyone’s actions in the vicinity
  • Fixed some exploits that allowed you to spam certain abilities without cooldowns, which resulted in a faster skills/stats progression
  • Some server and client side crashes and leaks fixed
  • Tweaked interface and freelook sequences
  • Most of game settings should now be properly saved instantly and client crash should not reset them
  • Tweaked Coop animals breeding rates, so they can actually breed before they die
  • Tweaked overpowered pitchforks to be less overpowered :)
Screenshot from Steam Community Hub - Cities are rising!

Please remember, if you're having a bug, report this using our standardised bug report method, giving as much info about the issue as possible. The more we know, the sooner we'll be able to tackle it and get you back to your feudal life!

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