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In this article, we go over the previous updates to 0.1.5 and some future ones.

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Hi there all, I'm back to tell you more about 0.1.5! Here's what we have in store for you!

Along with performance improvements, block additions, and intelligence patterns, Tier 2 weapons will become completely available!

Remember this button?

Its the Tier Up Button, upon clicking it, it will reset your level to one, and raise your Tier.

This unlocks a whole new weapon set.

Level 1:

Glock 17-c
9 rounds a mag, 64 rounds max
Damage: 30
The Glock 17-C uses the M1911 model, while the M1911 model gets a redone version, the Glock reloads faster than the M1911 and has less noise production.

Level 2:

64 rounds a mag, 256 rounds max
Damage: 35
The PP-Bizon is a Russian-made SMG sporting a ridiculously large magazine size, but still manages to stay compact. It suffers from a long reload time and being very loud.

Level 4:

5 + 1 rounds, 72 rounds max
Damage: 85
The SPAS-12 is an immediately recognizable shotgun, it fires 2 and 3/4 inch 12 gauge shells at a tight, compact spread extremely efficient for cutting down lots of enemies at once. It fires quickly but suffers from noise and high use of ammunition.

Level 6:

30 round mags, 300 rounds max
Damage: 80
The AK-47 plays very similarly to its Tier 1 counterpart, the M4A1, however, it suffers from a lower fire rate, loud noise, and poor accuracy. This doesn't mean the M4A1 leaves it in the dust! It benefits from a high bullet velocity and superior damage (coming close to the SPAS-12). It is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Level 8:

Barrett M82
10 rounds a mag, 50 rounds max.
Damage: 1220
Otherwise known as the Barrett 50. cal, this sniper boasts a long range, bullet velocity, and damage property, it allows the player to view a short distance beyond the edges of the screen (the camera will follow the cursor). Its only major drawback is sound, as it is a beacon for the horde once fired.

The Extractor and Fuel Tank are being worked in!
In addition, the F22 was moved to the vehicle menu, taking up that empty slot.

In addition, the Abrams Icon in the build menu has been fixed. And an additional slot was added for the Extractor.

Via using the flashlight and per-pixel collision, zombies are now able to detect if they are illuminated by a flashlight beam as shown below. Sprinting zombies are being heavily considered and may be remade in a future release.

That completes our new about 0.1.5, please grab 0.1.4 by clicking below!
Tier Tactical 0.1.4 Dev

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