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Catching up to our current release, and all the changes that have been made.

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0.1.5 R3 (Current Version)

  1. Fixed bugs.

0.1.5 R2

  1. Fixed bugs.

+ SL = SpeedlimiterNSL = No speedlimter

  • Europe #1 SL
  • United states #1 SL
  • Europe #2 NSL


  1. New report system.
  2. Speedlimiter has been disabled.
  3. Added support for Russian paintjobs.
  4. Removed wintermod and snowing.
  5. Changes in user commands. To see available commands type /help.
  6. Some changes in scoreboard.
  7. Changed default font.

0.1.4 R3

  1. Changes in network code

0.1.4 R2

  1. Fixed no collision zones on new service stations added in 1.16 patch.
  2. Fixed synchronization issues that were causing network truck to disappear for some computers.
  3. Fixed buffer overflow while typing long messages on chat.
  4. Fixed interpolation code.


  1. Support for patch 1.16.2s.
  2. Added settings.
  3. Synchronization has been improved.
  4. Fixed some crashes.

0.1.3 R3

  1. Added distance to scoreboard.
  2. Fixed serious crashes which were affecting all players since previous update.
  3. Fixed traffic lights - they are working properly now.
  4. Fixed more unlisted issues

0.1.3 R2

  1. Crashes have been fixed.


  1. Avatars has been added.
  2. Spawning vehicles improved.
  3. Scoreboard improved.
  4. Optimizations.
  5. Nametags improved.
  6. Traffic lights synced.
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