Post news RSS 0.05 released! (Sneak peek at 0.06!)

After a long wait, 0.05 has finally arrived! Tacked on to this news update is a sneak peak into 0.06, the next-to-last beta version.

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After a long and tedious wait, the latest installment to the generally well-received Diablo II mod Rebirthe has arrived.

Instead of complicated instructions, just run the .vbs script and play :]

Be sure to play through the new dungeons, invest in the new gems, become a master chef, tinker in Alchemy, and play as the Necromancer when you've got the time to play with it :]

Now, I must apologize for the limited availability as of late. Things have gotten rather intense over here IRL.

Now, for your brand new sneak peek at 0.06 --

- New dungeons - Fire Maggot Lair, Faith Cathedral, and many more
- Assassin skills : The bread-and butter of the new skills. Includes:
]- Smoke Mode - Change into Smoke Form, gaining speed and skill, as well as the Smoke abilities.
]- Noob Mode - Change into Noob, and use some new abilities
]- Ice Clone - Create a clone of yourself that freezes a target that happens to fall victim.
]- Hadoken - A more powerful version than the Feral variant.
]- Smash - ditto
]- Charge - ditto
]- Trap (Leaking Fire) - Create a trap that spews fire in all directions when activated.
]- Trap (Barreling Puma) - Create a trap that summons a Puma to knock opponents away.
]- Trap (Senseflash) - Create a trap that triggers a Senseflash.
]- Trap (Smoke) - A trap only available as Smoke, this blinds enemies that trigger it.
]- More...
- Monster items - Gain new monster-specific loot such as Zakarum relics, demon hearts and more
- Charming / Blacksmithing Improvements
- Secret chests - These are rare items that drop and require a special key to open. But the rewards are quite nice to reap, and they are based on your Cube Level.
- Powered by NefEX (hopefully, if I get the SDK)

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