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0.0.4 Update + 0.5.0a Launcher released New Setup file created

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Pre-0.0.4 price changes

0.0.4 Change log
Other Changes:
Resource Advantages
Display of Rank/Stats for players in battles
PP Checks at backend begun
(Will delete your profile if it detects an error, and/or logs abuse)
Small aethetic changes
Hover-over details added

Module Changes

Added 6p_Industrial_Town
Added 4p_varaville
Added 6p_Chateau
Added 6p_Goodwood
Added Betamap2.sga
Added Betamap3.sga
Added Betamap4.sga
Renamed 4p_Betamap to Betamap1.sga
Added EIRRImprovedVisualsData.sga
Added 4p_Semios_EiR

Price Changes

-Casualty Clearing Center 80MU (from 100MU)
-Bren Gun Carrier (transport) 180 MP, 15 FU, 3pop (from 220 MP, 35 FU, 4pop)
-Tiger Ace 6pp to purchase
-Grenade (Riflemen) - 35 Mun (2 use) (From 45 Mun)
-Grenade (Rangers/Airborne) - 45 Mun (2 use) (From 55 Mun)
-Satchel - 45 Mun (From 50)
-Commando Grenade - 45 Mun (2 use) (From 55 Mun)
-Grenadier Grenade - 30 Mun (2 use) (From 40 Mun)
-Bundled Grenade - 45 Mun (1 use) (From 55 Mun)
-Incendiary Grenade - 30 Mun (2 use) (From 40 Mun)
-Anti-building grenade - 30 Mun (2 use) (From 40 Mun)
-AT Grenade - 25 Mun (2 use) (From 30 Mun)
-FOO price 100 MU (Is single use now)
-Flamerthrowers cost 50 Mu (from 75 Mu)

- Fire-up cooldown lowered to 240s (From 300s)
- Calliope 12 population (from 10)
- 57mm AP Rounds should give two uses (bug fix/balance fix)

*FOO fixed
- Heroic Charge cooldown changed to 300s
- PIAT changed to match beta stats (less scatter, slightly shorter cooldown at long range)
- British Infantry and Armor now share 20% of experience with nearby LT/Captains/Cromwell Command Tank. Was 100%, and infantry or armor would give all earned experience to nearby officers.
- Removed Soldier armor
Quote(.75 health divisor/modifier)
Commando: 85 health
Sappers: 80 health
Tommy: 85 health

Quote- 15 second build time, 30 second unpack time.
- Emplacements give a buff to their soldiers once built, garrisoned soldiers should last as long as their emplacements
- Panzershreks are less damaging to Emplacements.

- +10 range (55 range)
- +10 sight (50 sight)

- +10 range (55 range)
- +10 sight (50 sight)

- +20 range (95 range) <-- will be patched in

- +16 range (80 range)

- no longer movable, can still abandon.

* Officer Barrage Fixed
* Tiger Ace no longer shows as 'Tiger' ingame
* In game Icon on not showing MG upgrade
- Medkit changed to cooldown (240 seconds, to match British CCS)
- Skirts changed to their beta value (25% reduced penetration, 25% reduced damage)

* Fallschirmjaeger panzerfaust no longer has unlimited uses
- Sprint now has 240s cooldown
- removed the soldier armors
Quote(.675 health divisor/modifier)
PG (all varients) 80 health
Fallschirmjagers: 90 health- Infantry halftrack has Axis Halftrack armor type
- Armored Car has Puma armor type
- Hummel should now be 10 pop in-game (was 11)

NonFactional Changes
* All halftrack casualty rates set to vEIR rate of 40%
* Mines build in strings, can still build 1 at a time though.

Europe In Ruins is dedicated to bringing you a balanced fun game to play. We have long stood by not changing unit stats, until we started the Reinforcements expansion. There are units we have had to change to bring into line with the rest of the gaming experience, where we can get away with not doing this we will, where we have to do this, we will.

PLEASE NOTE: We are aware that a lot of these changes will dictate the NEED for price adjustments. We have not done any price adjustments YET, we want to see how they play out in real functioning fashion before deciding the correct route to go. Price changes will be regular and rapid after release.

Comment over on our forums:

Thank you all for your support, this is still just the beginning!

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