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Overall summary of the 0.04 download, as well as a new major feature announced.

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In retrospect, 0.04 was a success. This is the highest number of downloads I have received after 1 day of downloads available. Thank you all for your support!

On to features:

If you have read the summary of this news article, you may have heard about a new feature that was unveiled today.
15 new gem types
Not even lying. Heres the list of gems, and summary of what they give:

  • Turquoise: Increased durability, mana, cold resist, and Cold Absorb.
  • Cobalt: Mana steal, bonus to energy
  • Aquamarine: Freezing, Mana-after-kill
  • Alexandrite: Added magic damage, bonus to all skills
  • Peridot: Open Wounds
  • Tourmaline: Elemental damage added, damage to attackers, bonus to all stats
  • Citrine: Rest in Peace, bonuses towards demons
  • Tanzanite: Cold Damage, added auras
  • Tsavorite: Fear, decreased stamina drain
  • Apatite: Bonuses towards undead and ranged targets
  • Spinel: Life Steal, Heal-After-Kill, and bonuses to health, strength and vitality.
  • Onyx: Deadly Strike
  • Jade: Ceases healing of target, added damage
  • Chrysoberyl: Blinding hit, increase to hadoken damage, and reduced requirements
  • Jasper: Increased attack rating, increased gold find, and reduced vender prices

Download and unzip the EASY mode patch for an easier startup.
New Necromancer Skills

Zombie Wall
Requires Level 1; No Preqrequisite
Summon a barrier of zombies. Lasts longer than Plague Wall.

Plague Wall
Requires Level 12; Requires Zombie Wall
Summon a barrier of zombies. In addition, the wall has a chain of poison gas among it.

Requires Level 1; No Prerquisite; Requires a wand equipped
Summon a blast from the nether. Damage is displayed magic damage + wand damage.

That's it for the news today. Be sure to download 0.04 if you haven't already done so!

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