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A notice about campaign issues and MekTek hotfixes designed to correct them.

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Hello, Mechwarriors!

Several pilots have discovered some issues regarding campaign missions and helicopters. Specifically, some missions which deployed helicopters caused the game to crash.

Pilot Malakyte ( has provided to us the official .0030 Hotfixes which should correct these issues.

They have been posted to the page, and the main game client has been updated fully at this time.

The main client is being updated to include these hotfixes fully installed:

Meantime, we will continue to work to bring new content and consolidate existing content to the page!

Upcoming content and developments include:
*additional decals from the Mechwarrior universe
*additional decals from various videogames, including Planetside 2, Starcraft, Emperor, Tom Clancy's, and Command & Conquer
*mech variants based on Mechassault and Mechassault 2, including Word of Blake "bloody hand" decals
*My Little Pony pack: decals from the My Little Pony series, including variants
*various maps from MechStorm, Clan Coyote, and Shadows of Empirion, and the "MecheXtractor" program
*highlights of the existing units which still fight the good fight across the Inner Sphere and Clan worlds, and information on tournaments which are continually hosted by enthusiasts!

Thanks to Clan Coyote, Shadows of Empirion, and all the other surviving Mechwarrior 4 clans, elements, and lone wolves out there for their continued support!


If anyone is interested there has been a New League Formed and almost all MW4M Pilots are welcome. is your link to take a look. Register if you like and The Admin Rycrosswill send you and email (look in your Spam folder) for you to open and confirm. Takes about 24 Hours for his response.
Read the Rules and you will see that to have a Team you need 1 leader and a minimum of 3 other players on your team. We have info on our website as well and also our TeamSpeak3 Comms. If interested or have any questions, email me @ Mention MW4M otherwise the email will be deleted. gl gh hf and Enjoy Life and help keep our MW4M Game alive.

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FYI we have experimented with a Program for Gaming called Tunngle from EU.
We have tested it extensibly and it seems to work extremely well as a Beta. We are going to use Tunngle Server for our BattleTechStarLeague=BTSL activities.
I understand that on the Dedicated Servers that EvilBot works also. The Programs also allow Mission Review.
Any questions please contact us or our TeamSpeak3 Comms addy: PW: KodiakPzk2 case sensitive Caps on K and P.

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