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Amihailu in Dreamland is in its last alpha! There's also an ending!

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That's right, Amihailu in Dreamland is now up to version 0.02!

Amihailu in Dreamland 0.02 (bugfix)


  • An ending, "Ending A", has been added.
  • Of the 5 "nexus doors" in the painting room, 4 are accessible and 3 have things to do in them. One of them has a puzzle that cannot be done and is inconsequential to the current form of the game.
  • The Ending branch will signify the halfway point of the game in later releases. Currently, it's as far as you can go.
  • The ending has multiple minor differences that are possible based on how you played the game.
  • New characters
  • New features and items
  • New scenes
  • Magazine disks still have yet to be properly implemented. I haven't had the time.

I was originally going to have testers test the release out, but that's kind of the point of releasing public alphas. If the game is really buggy and I have missed things (it's entirely possible), then a minor update to fix major bugs will be released.

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