Zombie-X Half-Life Mod 1.0 final. A Small singleplayer Mod. Some information: New Code. New Models. New Maps. New Weapons. New Sounds. New Mosters. High Poly Models. Unfortunate wards the project Zombie x is stopped! Those remained unfortunately also story on the distance. Game Mode: Deathmatch Teamplay Singleplayer - Minimum requirements Windows 98 Pentium III, 500-800 MHz 128 MB RAM Direct 3D or Open-GL diagram map with 64 MB at least. - A normal condition Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP Pentium III, 800-1.2 GHz 512 MT RAM - An optimal condition Windows XP + current drivers Pentium III/IV, 1.2-2 GHz or faster. 512 MB RAM Open GL diagram map with 128 MB. Expasion Pack: Zombie-X Dynamic Lightning Edition. Updated Code. Add & Updated Models. Updated Maps. Add New Weapons&attacks. "Minigun",AK47,usw Updated Sounds. Add New Mosters. New Effects. Server Version Add. "Bumpmap Support" "CG Shaders" Expansion the luggage will have an extended Singeplayer. Zombie x 1,0 final...

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Very poor if you ask me.

The levels are flat-out ugly and the special FX are simply over-the-top. While there are plenty of new enemies, the whole mod comes with plenty of unnecessary content (How many multiplayer maps did this mod need anyway?) that increased the mod size and some weapons couldn't even be equipped unless you went through the console.

Much of the firefights are unfair free-for-alls with the odds almost never tipping in your favor. Only play if you seriously must have another Half-life Fix.


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