The main objective of the game mode is to survive for 15 days. During this days things will get harder, and from time to time some bosses will spawn. On ZFM+ there are some secret special classes, and a 4th class available from the start. Priest: Available from the start, the Priest can use various kinds of orbs he shoots and heal allies (or himself) with his secondary ability. Wizard: The Wizard can summon elementals with RMB and teleport with V. Crossbow Knight: The Crossbow Knight can shoot arrows without charging them, has a shield and can stab/fletch arrows. Pyromancer: The Pyromancer can shoot fireballs, use his hand as a flamethrower and teleport small distances. Assassin: The Assasin can use a sword like a regular Knight, but instead of a shield he as a grappling hook. He can also dash. Birb: The Chicken Builder is pretty much a regular builder, but makes small workshops and can go through spaces of 1x1.

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