Zombie Colony is a real time shooter survival strategy game. Scavenge for resources, build your camp, and survive against zombies.

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Jan 25 2012 Anchor

Post your map ideas here!

Currently, Zombie Colony has one map. I have a few ideas (a city map and a rural farm map being two of my favorites), and we could really use more!

Feb 10 2012 Anchor

Just to get anybody else started, here's a few ideas I had in my head.

  • Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Shopping Mall. It's just a classic map for zombies.
  • National Park. Some sort of park with sheer walls, lots of trees and only the occasional building would really help the horror mood.
  • Paintball Park. It's like an undead theme park, but crazier!
  • RPD - The Raccoon Police Department from Resident Evil. So many good and bad memories.
  • The Moon - Massive CoD Zombies reference. And fun to work with.
  • International Space Station. An unconventional map, but it'd be freaking fun. If we could get zero G figured out.
Feb 17 2012 Anchor

Someone wrote: International Space Station. An unconventional map, but it'd be freaking fun. If we could get zero G figured out.

I applaud the creativity. Zero-G is very easy. "sv_gravity 0" :D

Feb 25 2012 Anchor

Someone wrote: Zero-G is very easy. "sv_gravity 0

can the NPCs still work in 0 gravity

Feb 28 2012 Anchor

They should be able to, they just won't be floating around. Unless they jump, of course, in which case they'll probably float off and freak out. The map would need some push brushes to bounce zombies back on the ground.

Mar 1 2012 Anchor
  • a school- we all want them to be inhabbited by zombies.
  • Millitary compound
  • camp grounds-friday the 13th anyone
  • Hospital-maby not the best place to go.
  • Bacon factory-...what!
  • Smithsonian-Abraham Lincon zombie!
  • Black Mesa-Where it all started

and ponyville...

if its ok, i might make a blueprint for a map, sence i have 0 hammer mapping experence.

Jul 21 2012 Anchor

Will the maps be large and give access to vehicles. Perhaps customizable vehicles. I like the idea of a convoy of survivors in modified buses and SUVs roaming the countryside for food and fuel.

Oct 7 2012 Anchor
  • A library
  • Forrest/Jungle areas with small towns/villages
  • Pripyat
  • subway/train station
  • Katorga-12
  • A Embassy
  • the white house
  • the reichstag
  • Moscow
  • a carnival
  • a concert
  • a air port
  • the docks
  • a highway
  • a club
  • ect...

Mostly places that people used to live, work, and had fun before the zombies came.

Dec 23 2012 Anchor
  • The Titanic
  • An Airship
  • An oilrig
  • On board a train
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