Zeruel87 mod goal is to add as much content and fun as possible. - 8 Playable Factions: - GDI - Nod - Allied - Soviet - Alpha - Scavengers - Terran - SimCity - 10 Choosable AI's: - Cabal - Watson - HAL 9001 - EasyAI - MediumAI - HardAI - InfantryRush - VehicleSteamroll - AirForce - XXLrandom - 5 AI only "Challenge" factions: - X_Infantry - X_Vehicles - X_Aircrafts - X_All - X_Monsters

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Sh4d0wL3x says

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realy nice. cant wait for more updates


Natertader2004 says

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I love this mod now, seeing that fact that this mod, literary has done no other mod can do... (Maybe there might be another one soon) which is custom factions! The heroes and the SNES add-on to this mod I love, even though there would still be somethings I would like and more heroes added (like Mario and Star Fox), I find this mod enjoyable to play, and allows me to work on some project with someone else! Overall, I feel like this is a great experience and I recommend it to any friend of theirs who is a SNES fan and a OpenRA fan even, it just makes it that more fun! :D

~~Great job! Natertader2004


debigdaddy0 says

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great mod


shinmg92 says

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great fun! I love it!


Curieyes says

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Erratic but entertaining little mod. I recommend it!


TheChosenEvilOne says

Early access review
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