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[FC]Phobos Author
lol at noobs spamming 10 page rants on a map that isn't difficult, just requires some basic strategy and the help of Darth Vader, unlike all the other easy stock maps which you can beat without even trying. Not all maps should be perfectly balanced on Hard. If you want balance, play Medium, that's what it's for. Use a skin mod too, the map is even easier by default, I made it MORE difficult for ZeroFront. It requires using Dark Trooper or TIE Pilot with plane, and flanking enemy groups. Also you can kill Wookiee with 1 headshot or easy combo with shotgun/pistol and hiding behind cover. This is the hardest map in the stock game but is not impossible to win, even without the Hero bonus.

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[FC]Phobos Author

Phobos/Rage is generally who you want to watch for top individual map play, since he's the world champion of SWBF. You can see how strategical his gameplay is on that map, even with the reinforcements being picked off his team quickly, and manages to win against all odds. Most posers still can't beat the level even after having it shown to them how to win step-by-step. Again, I'm glad the stock game had at least one challenging map included, it REALLY triggers the fakegamers noobs and makes them throw fits when they can't kill a few wookiees, especially when they see that the world champion can beat the map multiple times with no sweat, lol.

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Phobos shows how to win Kashyyyk Islands Hard GCW on Galactic Conquest, the one mission skipped by all the other supposed 'full speedruns' out there. Part 2 has no mods (other than load.lvl and wok.lvl, only skin mods that forgot to remove)

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