Zenith is a large single player campaign for Unreal Tournament '99. which takes place years after Prisoner 849 escapes from Na'Pali, and long after the establishment of the Tournament.

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pienso que este modi tiene mucho potencial


This is one of the BEST Singleplayer Unreal Tournament mods I have ever played. It even manages to surpass Operation: Na Pali's record! For a modification currently in its Beta stage, it was very addicting. Very effective story, HUB missions (Unreal 2 style), use of vehicles, item shop station, mission briefings (RTNP style), friendly interactive NPCs, boss fights, it even contains certain role-play choice elements. It does have it's flaws and numerous bugs however. Especially as you advance further in the singleplayer mod. For instance, the vehicles controls are very frustrating. I have had a very hard time trying to manuever them; I found myself bouncing a LOT and I could have forgiven this if it was not for the fact that the vehicle suffers collision damage when it bounces towards anything (died several times because of it). I had to use the "God Mode" cheat just to pass through the first vehicle mission. Some missions would also skip to completion after killing certain monsters. Aside from these issues, I really found myself enjoying this mod more than any other UT SP mod I ever touched in my entire life, and it just comes to say that even a SP project like this in its beta phase can become quite fun to play.


Absolute crap. Don't waste your time on this ****.


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