Five years after Yuri's Revenge disaster, Allies and Soviets co-operated with Nova Industry and Tech to develop hi-tech military equipments and armaments. Einstein is died at that time, and Nova recreated the Time Machine for time-experiments. But somehow there was a tragedy, Nova Industry and Tech's Primary Research Lab had been destroyed by Yuri rebels and also the Time Machine has been used by them. Not even an hour after the Time Machine depart, the time changes the future. The story continues...

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Command and Conquer: New War/Yuri's Revenge: New War's another release is here! Prepare yourself for a better new war!

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Hello, Commander...

Before we are going to the point, we thanked to everyone that support this mod! For someone who aren't willing to miss updates from our mod, you do better start to track our mod. In this moment, we are announcing that our mod's another Beta version is now released here!

Command & Conquer: New War / Yuri's Revenge: New War is an unofficial expansion for Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge that continues The Third War conflict with new campaigns, new units, new factions, and more. This unofficial expansion is also fix and add balance issues, including bug fixing from the original game. This mod was created by modders from C&C Community and non C&C Community.

The older Beta version of the mod was released, it can still considered as an unstable. In this new version, we are sure that this is stabler than before.

Here are two pre-release screenshot of the new version 0.38 Stable.

Here are the factions in this mod:

We have revised our country flags and country names.
From top left to top right: United States, Europe Federation, Eastern Alliance
From middle left to middle right: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Global Liberation, Eastern Communist
From bottom left to bottom right: Prime Ministry, Warfare Arsenal, Psychic League

That is our mod, Yuri's Revenge: New War or can be called Command and Conquer: New War. It is using ARES, a DLL that enhance and bugfix the original game.

Unfortunately, since CnCNet 4's server was down, we didn't included it anymore. Thus, we are still be integrated with CnCNet 5 and other multiplayer provider like Tunggle and YuriNET.

Special thanks for Westwood Studios for this awesome game.

Unfortunately, due to Yuri and Black Force's arsenal are incomplete, we removed them from the country selection list. Even Allies and Soviets still need some attentions.

You can download the mod here. Soundtracks are separated and can be downloaded here. You can see the credit list here. Make sure you followed the instructions and we will wait for your reviews and co-operation!

There is something that you should know that we are looking for someone wanted to work with us for the mod. We are still open to streamers, mappers, 3D modeller, voice actor, and much more. A single nor double contributions are welcome. For more information write an e-mail to . Be one with us...


Great to see more epic process on the mod. Loving it!

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deathreaperz Author

Thanks, and thanks for showcasing it!

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Nice to see this evolving - but why don't the flags have the same size?

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deathreaperz Author

What do you mean they have the same size?

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Ah sorry, I misspelled my point I guess (english is not my native language). I meant there are some little discontinuities in the flags. If you are still open for some criticism here are the details that caught my eye:
- Eastern Alliance: the water is too realistic in comparison to the iconic pictures on the other flags, try doing it more flat and iconic

- Union of Soviet: The icon is too far to the left. Try pushing it a little more to the right (just a few pixels)

- Eastern Communist: The hand is too big. Try making it smaller in size. Pulling the stars a little bit more into the centre away from the corner could also look better.

- Prime Ministry: Another case of a completely different style. The skeumorphism is not present on the other flags, so you should try making a flat version of this logo (like Yuri has it on his skin in the movies)

- Warfare Arsenal: The logo is also too big. Try making it smaller and give it more space. The darker violet lines overlay parts of the logo which is wrong. Also the outlines are grey. Try to make them purple instead (use the background colour like you did it with the fist logo)

- Psychic Leage: The brain is too detailed. Try reducing its detail according to the amount of detail present in the other logos. Also the white outlines need to be purple (background colour again)

Hopefully this doesn't sound harsh to you, I just want to help out making this a great mod. If you want to send me the original eps / svg files, I can also do the changes for you, if you're too busy. As I said, I'd like to help out. :)

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I have the original disc for ra2 and yuri. had it installed and patch ra2 to 1006 and yuri revenge to 1001.

Installed this mod, the faction Prime Ministry, Warfare Arsenal, Psychic League does not show. Only the 1st 6 faction (United States, Europe Federation, Eastern Alliance
,Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Global Liberation, Eastern Communist).

I tried other mod like mental omega and d-day, they just works fine.

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I tried the Eastern Alliance and the Eastern Communist, both of them don't have no Hero units like Tanya and Boris.

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deathreaperz Author

Eastern Alliance is now have Takada, but sadly we are still looking for SHP Artist to make Shen Quan's body.

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