The Allies and the Soviets have rearmed with new weapons of war, each poised to destroy the other. Two ideological opponents, eight world powers - only one world to command and conquer.

RSS Patch 2.2.10 released!

YR Red-Resurrection patch 2.2.10 has been released - a large patch reworking navy, adding new content and full of balance and bug fixes.

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Patch 2.2.10 released!

Another patch brewed, this time with the major theme being revitalising naval combat. Two new units have been added for that - the Gunboat and Zhaba - and existing units have been reworked, moved around on the tech tree etc. Hopefully it feels more well structured, chunkier and satisfying to play on the seas.

Europe has also received another dose of adjustments, with the addition of the Quantum Lab and Crackdown power, making them a bit more versatile and less rigid in their playstyle. Screenshots of those changes can be seen below.

But there is, of course, a LOT more going on! New maps, a dozen reworked maps, adjusted RA2 campaign missions, a new Secret Lab unit and much, much more.

Big Features

  • Reworked navy, including a new ship for both the Allies and Soviets as well as rebalanced and reworked existing units for more sensible battles on the seas.
  • New content for Europe: the Quantum Lab on T2, which now provides the Quantum Leap ability, and Crackdown, a T3 power that equips GIs with riot gear!
  • New content at the Secret Lab: the Magnetron! On T3, it now slows units to a crawl, and attaches a magnetic effect to them further slowing other nearby enemies. A highly useful support unit.
  • Lots of big reworks to existing maps with a navy focus, helping to further flesh out that area of the game.
  • 7 brand new, high quality maps for multiplayer!
  • Updated campaign missions to support the new navy as well as fix a few issues and adjust unit availability.
  • Lots of balance adjustments to existing units.
  • Countless bug fixes.

You can view the full changelog here.

The patch can be downloaded and manually installed, if you are unable to use the client updater for whatever reason.

YouTube Content

As always, the YouTube channel has been continually updated with new content - and that will continue! Subscibe to the channel for updates on every video.

Remember you can always join our Discord for active discussion and first-look at every upcoming patch!


Thanks a lot for these regular updates.

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Thanks for your excellent works!

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Do I have to DL each patch or will patch 10 have the previous updates & fixes in there? I DL'd 10 but have issues with not being able to build things like Anti-air, bunkers, airfields, boats. ICONS to build are NOT sensitive to the whole Icon, just in certain corners. Slows down my defense considerable.

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OmegaBolt Author

No, it includes all prior patches. Try changing the renderer in the client settings menu. DDrawCompat seems to work well for people on Windows 10.

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im new here, how do i install manually? just paste the files in an specific folder?

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OmegaBolt Author

There is no manual install of the full mod. It comes with an installer.

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