Hello and welcome to the XTS Merchant Mod V2 This Mod adds a Merchant with a shop in Bruma. He sells, weapons, armour, spells, fixes your weapons + armour, recharges your magicle items, he is a master of Alteration and can teach you, he will buy Items full price, So check him out today. To find the house simply enter Bruma by the North gate and its the new house on your left. To install 1 - Drop the XTS-Merchant-V2.esp into C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data 2 - Dubble click the Oblivion short cut and instead of clicking Play click Data Files 3 - Click the XTS-Merchant-V2.esp so it has A in the box 4 - Click ok and then Play. For the First time Download direct from ModDB !! and viset our site for more mods and downloads. Made by Xtreme Team Studios, enjoy the mod !

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