Here's another Star Wars/Dark Forces themed mod for GZDoom. I was inspired by previous Star Wars doom mods, especially Ceejay's one for EDGE. It replaces Doom's weapons, enemies and (almost all) decoration objects. I haven't quite gotten around to ZScript yet so this mod is still in DECORATE. Most projectiles are 3d models of Star Wars blaster effects. Gameplay is changed quite a lot, there aren't any hitscan attacks but projectiles typically move quite fast. Infighting is also rare and only happens between imperials, aliens and bounty hunters (they won't attack their own team). The Icon of Sin is also replaced with a more traditional boss enemy... Emperor Palpatine!

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This is a basic description of the weapons features in Xim's Star Wars Doom.

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Keys to Bind

Primary Fire - Most weapons fire differently, be they rapid-fire (hold down) or semi-auto (press quickly)
Alt-Fire - Every weapon has an alt-fire attack, some are simple, some are powerful
Zoom - Any weapon with a scope can be zoomed, some scopes zoom in more than others
Reload - Although the mod doesn't use reloading weapons, this is used to change your saber color
User Keys - For quickly switching to your grenades

Slot 1:
Fists, typical unarmed attack. Is silent. Alt-fire does a kick.

The Lightsabers, the weapon of a Jedi. Alt-fire lets you deflect projectiles, but be careful you're not invincible. Pressing the reload key switches the blade color. Replaces the chainsaw.

Slot 2:
Bryar Pistol, shoots a weak blaster shot, alt-fire charges up a more powerful attack. Uses blaster packs. Replaces the pistol.

DL-44 Heavy Pistol, shoots a strong blaster shot, alt-fire is the punch. This weapon has the 'zoom' function. Use power clips. Dropped by various foes.

Slot 3:
E-11 Blaster Rifle, standard Storm Trooper rifle. Fires rapid fire blaster shots, alt-fire shoots a stun blast that shortly stuns most foes. Has 'zoom' function. Uses blaster packs. Dropped by various Imperial troopers and spawns with shotguns.

EE-3 Carbine Rifle, a powerful semi-auto blaster. Shoots three round bursts, alt-fire does a single more accurate shot. Has 'zoom' function. Uses blaster packs. Spawns with supershotguns.

Slot 4:
DLT-19 Heavy Blaster, shoots blaster bolts at a very high rate of fire. Alt-fire shoots a single powerful blast. Uses blaster packs. Dropped by Heavy Stormtroopers and spawns with chainguns.

DEMP Ion Blaster, shoots ionized blaster bolts that do extra damage on droids and mechs. Alt-fire charges up a more powerful blast that causes radius damage. Uses power clips. Spawns with shotguns.

Slot 5:
Imperial Repeater Gun, shoots strong blaster bolts at high rate of fire. Alt-fire does a "tri-shot". Uses bolt clips. Dropped by Shock Stormtroopers and spawns with chainguns.

FC-1 Flechette Launcher, fires a spread of blaster bolts. Alt-fire shoots more powerful bouncing flechette shards. Uses bolt clips. Spawns with super shotguns.

Slot 6:
DC-15x Sniper Rifle, fires a strong and accurate blaster shot. Alt-fire shoots a beam that you can "sweep" to hit multiple targets. Obviously has a 'zoom' function. Uses power clips. Dropped by scout troopers and spawns with shotguns.

Wookie Bowcaster, fires powerful but slow moving projectile, can be charged to shoot up to 5 shots. Alt-fire shoots bouncing projectiles at a slightly higher rate. Has 'zoom' function. Uses power clips. Spawns with super shotguns.

Slot 7:
Stouker Concussion Rifle, fires a powerful blast of plasma causing spread damage but keeps the shooter safe. Alt-fire shoots plasma blasts at a fast rate. Uses plasma cells. Spawns with plasma rifles.

Oppressor Flamethrower, shoots a short-range stream of flames. Alt-fire will spew a stronger flame that bounces off surfaces. Uses plasma cells. Spawns with plasma rifles.

Slot 8:
Packered Mortar Gun, launches a powerful mortar shell at a long distance. Alt-fire launches the mortar with less force allowing it to bounce off floors and walls. Uses mortar shells. Replaces the rocket launcher.

Slot 9:
Dark Trooper Assault Cannon, fires plasma blasts at a quick rate, alt-fire launches a powerful plasma missile. Uses plasma cells and plasma rockets. Replaces the BFG9000.

Slot 0:
Thermal Detonators, can be held down to be thrown further, alt-fire has bouncing projectiles.
Ion Grenades, similar to the thermal detonator but is more effective against droids and mechs.
I.M. Mines, can be placed stealthily around as traps for enemies, alt-fire switches between timed and proximity mode.
Remote Detpacks, can be placed around on surfaces and objects, alt-fire detonates all detpacks that have been placed.

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