Description: The mod XET is singleplayer and takes you on the roll of XET member Bill Freeman. XET is supposed to be the survey team mentioned late in the game and in parts of Blue-Shift. You will visit new parts of Black Mesa and old parts of it; you will, of course, also visit Xen. It will have new monsters, new weapons, and new maps. Story: Hmmmm... It wasn't always like this, humans building colonies on Xen, at first it was a lot different... It all started with the top secret government facility called Black Mesa. Those scientists then stumbled upon teleportation technology and sadly, discovered Xen. At first it all went well with the founding of the Xen Exploration Team, or XET as we know it as, but after awhile the team got a little overconfident and then started to gather specimens a little to close to the alien borders. They say that during the invasion of Earth, all of the XET members were killed in the chaos. I, Bill Freeman, former XET member and colonist of Xen was...

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The Bloater! The most HARDLY seen creature in XEN only seen in the BETA stage of HL1! The Bloater or Bloaty how most of the players call him is a very familiar creature to the Controller with its arm and the Big Head! but the diffrence is that the bloater has a TOXIC mind *no kidding* bloater is a dangerous creature! Comes in Packs! When bloater sees a prey the quickly fly over to him open up their heads just like the controllers or NIHILANTH after death and unleash a deadly gas that can kill a player with fast speed! VERY dangerous! but 1 good thing is that the bloater can hurt ITS own kind with the same gas no matter who the thing,human,alien is...

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The Bloater is one of the few creatures on Xen
that poses no threat. Bloaters are creatures of
the air, and will mostly float in a stationary
position. However, if they are hurt, they will
search for cover.

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