The earth is quaking in the penal colony surrounded by the magic barrier, after the sleeper has been banned back into his dimension. KRUSHAK, as the orcs call it, controlled some templers guided by Cor Kalom, a guru of the swamp camp. In their fanatic blindness they went into the temple under the city of the orcs to wake up their master, the sleeper.
But one man, driven by the will to escape the magic prison, followed the fanatics. He survived dangerous traps, hordes of undeads and powerful shamanes only because of his magic weapon and armor. Last he fighted the sleeper: with best effort he succeded to pierce the hearts of the arch daemons to ban KRUSHAK back into its dimension. Because of its disappearance the magic energy of the barrier got lost and the prisoners were able to escape. But at the same time the temple of the sleeper collapses and the one who caused the explosion of the barrier and the banning of the sleeper is buried by rocks. A deep blackness surrounds him...

The Beginning:
Weeks pass by. The summoner Xardas doesn't stay inactive. His undead footmen look as frenetic as unsuccessful for the nameless hero. Every life has leaved the ruins of the temple. Resigned Xardas capitulates. The chosen one he shall have been? Doesn't seem so.
Nevertheless the hero awakes. His view doesn't clear completely, also his other senses do. The consequential damages of his unintended funeral seem to be immense. At least no pain. Slowly he breaths, raising the dust from the floor. Strange: the breathing doesn't give him any satisfaction. Disturbed he moves the fingers of his left hand, then the arm and at last his legs. Rubble trickles from his back, but the heavy stones only rumble to the ground after a hard flip. Despite a weird numbness he can stand up unproblematicly. Where comes this numb feeling from? He removes a glove. Seeing the rotten piece of meat hanging from his hand with the white bones clear to see, he begins to understand what price he had to pay to wake up from his unconsciousness. But that's only the first bad surprise waiting for him. The second one is the ghost of Cor Kalom.
"Who's there? You're looking good." He blurts out a sardonic nagging. "That's the right punishment for your crime!" He puts up his hand and shows the back of his middle finger to the nameless hero.
"You didn't fare any better ..." the hero counters.
The wafting shape jerks back. "What? You're able to speak? Your mind didn't leave your body?" He reflects. "It won't change anything! The temple will be your permanent site. There's no way out anymore! No, no!" His voice becomes louder, like the croaking of a raven it echoes through the lost halls.
"You'll never leave this place! And I'm going to watch your guts rotting slowly." With pointy laughing Cor Kalom floats away in the width of the temple.

Neither alive nor dead the nameless hero is now a prisoner of the temple ruins. Just on the search for his old life he doesn't know anything about the imminence: a mummed shape makes trouble on the island of Khorinis. Like a blight it wanders through the the land and envenoms all the ones passing its way ...


  • completely new story as an alternative Gothic II
  • new locations in the old worlds and many new areas
  • new main guilds (e.g. dark mage) and sub guilds (e.g. ranger)
  • every guild with an own guild story (not the main story, only a storyline exclusive for this guild)
  • new items
  • new skills like cooking, advanced alchemy and mining
  • many new and old characters
  • selectable difficulty
  • actually about 100 to 200 hours of playtime
  • more than 400 new, varied quests
  • many new music tracks accompanying the new areas
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News 2 comments

Finally... it was a long development with many highlights and lowlights, but finally we can proudly present our modification Xeres' Return for the great Gothic II.

The story is settled behind Gothic I and is an alternative Gothic II. Besides the well known worlds of Gothic II and the Valley of Mines of the first Gothic, which almost all got some new locations, we have plenty new worlds to discover.

We offer you the possibility to choose between five main and nine side guilds, each with an individual guild story. All in all there are almost 450 quests.

The download will be only possible via my mod manager Spine, which you can download here on moddb in the files section.


  • Complete new story which can be seens as an alternative Gothic II
  • New locations in the old worlds and many new areas
  • 5 main guilds and 9 side guulds, each with an own guild story and almost all with exclusive worlds
  • New items
  • New skills like cooking, improved alchemy, mining etc.
  • Many new and old NPCs
  • New monsters
  • Choosable difficulty
  • around 100 and 200 hours of gameplay for one playthrough
  • Total amount of around 450 diverse quests
  • A lot of new music to accentuate the new areas
  • Many new features like mini games, new skills and small gimmicks
  • 75 achievements in Spine

Discord for questions: Discord.gg

Release Announcement

Release Announcement

News 1 comment

The release date is fixed, a new screenshot is available and some more informations are also

Menu Theme

Menu Theme


Have fun with the menu theme of Xeres' Return! In the video you'll also find some new screens.




We want to share our newest screenshots with you. You'll find all of them in our images section.

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Spine 1.12.5

Spine 1.12.5

Installer Tool 2 comments

The mod manager Spine used to download Xeres' Return.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 406)

Voted this mod :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Everytime when i press new game i get access violation error, this happens with golden gate and dark saga mod too..am i the only one that keeps getting these errors, ive installed everything correctly, fix rev2, playerkit 2.6f and systempack 1.1 for gothic 2 notr, and gothic 2 notr ofc (gog version)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I had the same problem.I solved it this way:
1)Download and install GOTHIC FIX 2.6-REV2 + SYSTEMPACK 1.7 + PLAYERKIT 2.8 from here Forum.worldofplayers.de
2)Go to gothic2 icon-->right-click-->properties-->compatibility.Then check the box "run this program in compatibility mode for" and select windows xp-service pack 3.Then check box "run this program as an administrator".After that click apply.
3)Do the same for spine icon on desktop
I mention that i use windows 10.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Ive just found out solution for Access Violation just do this Youtube.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i ve got same problem,after start game pop up acces violation,and even i start gothic i come with another errror with fix :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hi, I came across with a bug.
When I have equipped itmi_magieprisma and I start trade with merchant the stack will be full.
Zspy Log: Imgur.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hi , you dont need to post bugs in here since author isnt active anymore..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This mod is something I've been waiting for.
English is crappy here and there but overall no complaints, voice-over would be awesome.

I'm another one of those people who can't seem to find the missing people from the mine : ) At a loss here ..

Also, in Khorata becoming a citizen, one of the questions is who is responsible for waterworks. The dude's name is not listed in the given options, what is the correct answer?

If chapter 2 starts, does it like pop up? Because I'm still seem to be in chapter 1, although I've already joined a guild and done shitload of quests.

Good job, and thanks in advance : )

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hey dude !!
Questions about quests in here : Discord.gg
I and my friendz are sometimes online in here
so you can expect answer in 1-2 days :D
Im already at the end of game (120 hours of gameplay) so i can pretty much help you with quests..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Still can't find the missing people ..

Okay, so apparently "Spiral" is the correct answer for one who is responsible for waterworks. Solved that case by brute force random answering lol.

Chapter 2 popped out when entering Jharkendar, smarter again. I'm already level 20+ and only in second chapter, taking down orcs like a walk in the park lmao.

New questions:

What is needed for Robert in Khorata to make lockpicks for Thorben? There isn't any quest entry in the journal, the dude keeps asking about 'blanks'. Also what is needed for the packet of nails? Can't seem to get myself through this.

When can I get promotion to black mage/warrior of Beliar? Some specific quests or chapter?

Quest for the Axe of Doom - The first hint from the first almanac seems to point somewhere where the 'shadow runners' (shadow beasts I presume) are, and has something to do with diving. I remember the place near water mages sanctuary at the bridge, underwhich one can dive and emerge in a cave where apparently a minotaur is quarding a ring. I was way too weak back then, so I just left the place, but this seems close enough hint for now, will investigate soon, maybe the almanac has appeared there. Nevertheless if anybody has a clue where it/they might be, let me know :)

Found assassins cave, any idea how to join those guys?

Where can I find melons for Baltram?

Thanks in advance (if anyone is actually here ..)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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