The Xenoforce Reborn mod takes the classic Xenoforce mod from CNC Generals and re-invisions it on the CNC3 engine with new units and new designs. The new armies that are currently scheduled to be in the mod are the Earth Federation, ZEON, the Invid, and the Earth Robotech Defense Force. We also have heavily modified the original CNC3 armies, giving the GDI, NOD, and Scrin a much more dynamic gameplay experience. This mod is NOT FOR PROFIT and NON-commercial based.

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Black Ops Shadow Team
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I think their original name fits the best for these guys.

The Black Ops Shadow team is made up of almost complete cyborg parts. They are normally equipped with laser pistols that allow the unit to attack from a distance from either the air or the ground.

When they take the Black Ops Doctrine they gain a 35% increase in all of their stats. Speed, Fire Rate, Sight, HP, they all go up. This makes them much quicker at getting in and using their detonation power to blow enemy structures up.

With the Sector 9 Doctrine when on the ground they are able to overcharge their pistols causing them to go from anti-heavy infantry to anti-vehicle.

With the Homeland Defense Doctrine they gain grenade drop-packs. Not only are they able to throw grenades while on the ground they can drop bundles of grenades from the air onto the ground doing quite a bit of splash damage.

Finally, the Tiberium Guard Doctrine removes their laser pistols while on the ground and replaces them with Knuckle Busters. These powerful melee weapons do massive damage to anything that the Shadow team engages at close range with explosive results. My personal favorite option with this squad (Dougs Idea - Got to give credit where it's due).

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