XDM is an Unreal Tournament-style Half-Life 1 modification. XDM features Classic Deathmatch, Team deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Domination, Co-Operative, Last Man Stanging, Singleplayer game rules, new weapons, new high-quality maps, new hi-def models and lots of special effects. It is an Unreal/UT-style HL mod with tons of familiar stuff and atmosphere. 8) XDM continued where VALVe stopped. It provides extended features, effects and principles with FULL BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY. XHL pushes HL engine to its limits, don't underestimate the GoldSource! XDM - brings unreality to Half-Life since 2001!

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XHL/XDM is a Half-Life modification with quite a long history. It started in 2000 as a HL enhancement and over almost 15 years turned into a game comparable to Unreal Tournament! And a open-source modding platform

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X-Half-Life: Deathmatch

a half-life modification
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X-Half-Life Deathmatch

It is here, it is final!

« I say. It was really like Unreal Tournament. » - Kibadda0516

This is not just a release, it is a long-awaited, shining, mind-blowing result of collaboration of greatest minds in Half-Life modding! :)

XDM poster v2a

After so many years of hard work, this seems to be the final release. Way to perfection is endless, but I think XDM is now complete. With 40 multiplayer maps, 6 game modes and lots and lots of other features it is now almost a complete game of the scale of Unreal Tournament itself! But enough talk, download it and check it out now! Ok, some info...

Game: what to look at?

« Definitely one of the best HL mods ever! » - max-damage

Besides new game rules, maps, models, weapons, effects and other obvious stuff, XHL features the one awesome thing which might not be noticed right away: unpredictability.
It means much freedom in interaction with game objects, especially in multiplayer games.
For example, most objects (from doors to monsters) may become team-specific, may act on behalf of a person who owns or activates them. See players getting score for smashing opponents with doors, platforms. Hacking sentry guns is also possible.
A map can define gravity which is applied to all entities, making different gameplay.
Projectiles may collide, explode, push other objects, teleport and activate buttons.
Can you imagine a map that is playable without weapons? Now you can: use traps, mines, turrets, tanks and trains as your guns! Challenge monsters or even play sequential levels in co-operative mode. Capture flags (or even cubes), take over control points. Possibilities are yours to discover!

Game rules information

« Awesome like always! » - Napoleon321

XDM final testing *Deathmatch/Team deathmatch*
Primary goal is to have best score. If frag limit is set, the game will end when someone reaches it. Time limit is also supported.
*Capture the flag*
Go to the opponent's base, take their flag and return it to your base. Primary goal is to steal more flags than your enemy team does. The game ends when any team reaches score or time limit.
Several control points are placed all over the map. Take the point and don't let enemy to touch it. Each control point gives your team 1 score point every 5 seconds. Hold as much control points as you can. The game will end when any team reaches score or time limit.
If there are monsters on the map, your goal is to clear out the map. If the server has monster respawning turned on, the game turns into a monster DM with simple frag/time limit. If there are sequences of levels, which are connected with trigger_changelevel, it is possible to play together from the start to the end, being able to change the map only by gathering together.
*Last Man Standing*
Primary goal is to survive. The game will end when only one player left. Best player is the one with least deaths. Players join during mp_jointime.
*Revenge mode*
In any game type. If mp_revengemode is 1, a player will be awarded twice as much for killing his killer. If mp_revengemode is 2, you cannot hurt anyone until you get revenge on your killer (or he kills himself).

Gameplay: damage

« XDM brings out the best! » - sloganizer.net

DOM_MorpheusXLCertain types of damage may have different consequences:

  • your point of view may tilt and shake
  • screen may flash if heavy damage is sustained
  • HEV HUD may be damaged by radiation, heat, electricity, etc.
  • you may temporary lose ability to shoot (only at skill level 3)
  • you may get set on fire or get frozen
  • some damage lasts for a while (like acid, biohazardous waste, etc.)
  • some kinds of damage can disintegrate or vaporize things
  • explosions, implosions and some other stuff may push and pull things
  • special DeadTakeDamage() function is removed, damage is applied to both dead and alive things the same way.

Most of negative effects can be neutralized by using medkits and batteries.

Platform: what's the catch?

« XDM crashes rarely » - XaeroX

XDM final testing Just a brief look at most significant features:

  • compatibility: the whole XHL platform is compatible with HL maps, models, sprites and sounds, also XHL fixes or avoids some old, typical and rare mapper mistakes (or exploits?).
  • codeless modding: with the help of online map patching and configs, there are very few non-editable things left, all entities also offer high level of customizability.
  • flexibility: game rules, weapons, monsters - can be customized if not out of the box, than with little effort without breaking the whole system (like relationship, shooting, etc.)
  • reusability: most redundant parts of code and resources were merged, so, for example, monsters use same projectiles as players, use armor in the same way, etc.
  • fast and efficent code: less string searching, less memory movement and reallocation, many crash-proof solutions, adaptive engine API (milti-version compatible).
  • clarity: most of Q1/HL hacks were eliminated, inefficient code rewritten, code is heavily commented, base classes has most features included so derived classes have little to add.
  • multiplayerability: all features are developed with the aim to work in massive online matches.
  • vast set of features: lots and lots of entities, weapons and other stuff, global update and synchronization methods, object interaction and special effects.
  • RenderSystem: an original fast, efficient and easy to use OOP client 3D drawing mini-engine that overrides HL limits without hacks and dirty tricks.
  • own VGUI layer, which enables simple signaling, drag-n-drop ability and color themes.
  • open source: enough said. no limits left.

Convinced yet? :)

The big thanks

« Unreal classic reborn! » - Ghoul[bb]

I'd like to thank all the people who helped me in creation of this game. Everyone who supported me, with advice and a good word. Everyone who directly or indirectly contributed to this mod! I hope I didn't forget anyone in the readme. :)
Also, big thanks to the following communities: half-life.ru, hlfx.ru, twhl, xentax and ModDB!
PS: quotes are just4fun )

X-Half-Life Deathmatch


Wow! At last I can play and enjoy an extremally quality Gold-Source mod - DXM.
Thank you for a great job, bro.

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~X~ Author

Thanks, man :)

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yeah, DXM is the mod for everything :D

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Also, visit Half-Life:Tyrian page.
This mod based on XDM source code!!

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I'll repeat my comment from few releases away: Awesome like always!

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~X~ Author

That's why it's on the news :)

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hope they will add bots support atleast for dm or tdm mode.

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~X~ Author

who? There are bots in XDM. For all game types.

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wow that awesome tnx for the info!

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~X~ Author

A friend of mine (from XentaX forum) made a simple gameplay video:

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