Xaeon Mod is a great new total conversion for C&C Red alert. It replaces absolutely everything, that means new units, structures, terrain, sides, UI, and missions. Fight on Earth against a high-tech robotic army, fight in space with a large variety of speedy spacecraft, or fight on a new land altogether on the robots newly colonized homeplanet. New singleplayer missions tell the whole story about the colonization that went awry when cybernetic creations were sent to do the job. They did, and did it well, but not to humanity's liking. Also learn about Styrvyx, the corrupt country bent on the destruction of their robotic neighbours.

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It's been a while

It's been a while


It's been a long time coming, but I have a few announcements to make, now and in the near future.

Its still going to be some time...


I have redone the entire Xaeon Mod website. Now not only is it much easier to update, but it should be much cleaner, especially for Internet Explorer...

New Xaeon Mod website


The new Xaeon Mod website is now online! You can still access it through and now there is a ton of new information on the website, including a structure...

Good News Everyone!


The new D2K Forums are online at so check them out and talk about modding C&C and D2K Studios projects such as Xaeon Mod and Rhythm Mixer!

Massive Shift with D2K Studios

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D2K Studios, the creators of Xaeon Mod, are undergoing a massive shift this summer. We are getting a domain and real hosting. The new D2K Studios will...

Scratch That...


On the 16th, xaeonmod.tk saw about 380 unique visitors to the site, changing the the country that visits most to... The Netherlands! Anyways, the wallpaper...

Higher Expectations


I am very glad with the support this project has, and (I hope) will continue to have. Currently I am working on a wallpaper for Xaeon Mod, which will...

Forums Exclusive


There is now a 'Members Exclusive' section at the D2K Studios forums. You can only open it up after registering, but its worth it! I just posted...

Big Xaeonic Update


As you may, or may not know, Xaeon Mod is a mod for Command & Conquer: Red alert. Again as you may or may not know, Red alert uses a proprietary...

Styrvyx Spaceships


A list of Styrvyx spaceships is now online at the website, and the RADSS spaceships will be up tomorrow! Each one also has a breif description, and...

Story's up!


The storyline for Xaeon Mod is now online at the D2K Studios website! It's rather long, but I think its pretty darn good! ;) It finally shows why...

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