X4 : eXtreme Support Crew About X4 : eXtreme Warfare: The eXtreme mod is created by Wizard220. Back in the Call of Duty United Offensive days, he handed eXtreme over to Astoroth, who modified the mod to run on CoD2. The game was released October 10th 2005 and the first eXtreme+ modification was born October 13th 2005. The “+” indicated the beginning of a new exciting era. Astoroth has since “retired” from CoD modding and handed full reigns over to the extreme+ Support Crew. The first version of X4 : eXtreme Warfare was released 2008-01-01

rudedog says

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Why buy the latest call of duty game when you can have all that and much much more for CoD4. A game that has full public dedicated game servers, rcon, access to the console and so much more then the latest two Call of Duty games (Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops).

This is the mod that has the AC130 in MP before IW could figure it out. They actually told the author it was impossible to add to MP. This mod also had a tactical nuke well before Modern Warfare 2 was released.

The author is constantly updating this mod to this day, you won't be disappointed.

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