The X20 Mod is intended to bring the design philosophy of the Vampire tabletop RPG's 20th Anniversary Editions to Bloodlines: to make it feel like it fits into the wider World of Darkness setting by including references both overt and subtle, obvious and deep-dive, referencing material that came out before Bloodlines and after. One of Clan Quest Mod's recommended mods!

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The latest version of the X20 Mod, separated into "Basic" (textures only, any mod), and "Plus" (scripts, emails, dialog; Unofficial Patch 10.3 only).

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The latest version(s) of the X20 Mod are now available!

X20 Mod Basic is purely textures, helping you to visually immerse yourself into the World of Darkness, right from the opening screen, which uses the green marble and rose motif from the classic Vampire tabletop RPG. Since it's purely textures, X20 Basic can be used with virtually any other mod, from the VTMB Unofficial Patch to VTMB: Clan Quest Mod to VtM: The Final Nights and more.

Character selection

Orpheus closed

X20 Mod Basic:

X20 Mod 1.0 Basic

The X20 Mod Plus is the other half of the puzzle. It includes a few textures of its own, plus new computer content like emails, quest descriptions, dialogue files, and scripting. It's built for the latest VTMB Unofficial Patch (10.2), and we DO NOT recommend using it with any other mod, due to the high likelihood that the altered files will break functionality.

Both the X20 Basic and X20 Plus are two halves of the same puzzle. If you're running the Unofficial Patch, we recommend grabbing both X20 Basic and X20 Plus.

Shirtless Beckett RT if u agree

X20 Mod Plus (updated Apr 18):

X20 Mod 1.01 Plus

Combined Changelog:

(Update April 18)

  • + Updated files for compatibility with Unofficial Patch 10.3.

(Release March 13)

  • Realized I couldn't really justify why I was keeping the version number so low, so welcome to version 1.0.
  • Added new character select intro screen, based on the appearance of VTM, to provide more of a feel of transitioning from tabletop to a PC game.
  • Tweaked one of the liquor bottles.
  • Replaced pizza box.
  • Downtown hospital named "McGlynn Medical" on maps to account for poster in X20+
  • Replaced bus stop poster with ad for a showing of the Katherine Weise collection at Gallery Noir
  • Orpheus has been shut down by the NSA (and updated to 4x the resolution).
  • Upgraded previous bus stop posters to 4x original resolution
  • The Surfside Diner is now identified as such on its own sign.
  • The Malkavian clan shield on Grout's Mansion is now enhanced with a better version of the shield
  • Bonus revised high quality maps for those of you using VTMB: Clan Quest Mod
  • + New Pisha poster for the extended Gary poster quest (thanks to Ulbandi Cosplay)
  • + New Beckett poster for the extended Gary poster quest
  • + New Max Shreck poster for the extended Gary poster quest
  • + Haven PC poster text updated
  • + Quest log poster text updated
  • + Added some altered clan-specific dialog for additional flavour (albeit nothing as drastic as Malks) in Santa Monica
  • + Added some altered clan-specific dialog for additional flavour in Downtown LA
  • + Added some altered clan-specific dialog for additional flavour in Hollywood
  • + Added some altered clan-specific dialog for additional flavour in Chinatown
  • + Added some altered clan-specific dialog for additional flavour in Giovanni Mansion
  • + Minor spelling fixes in Generic NPCs
  • + Spelling fixes and clan-specific dialog for additional flavour for Main Characters
  • + Arthur Kilpatrick's got some secrets. Potentially foreshadowing for the Tourette quest.
  • + The Ashukhi Corporation also has some goods in the museum.

Have you considered having an alt bus map for downtown. To reflect where Fat Larry is moved to?

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VonAether Author

I have no way of knowing if someone will be running UP Basic or UP Plus, so no way of knowing which of two locations Fat Larry will be placed in. So both locations are highlighted on different maps downtown.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

You could stick it in a alt folder and people can use that if they are using UP+.

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As for this

'Downtown hospital named "McGlynn Medical" on maps to account for poster in X20+'

Why not just add it to X20+ then?

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VonAether Author

Because I didn't want to.

In a practical sense, there are no other duplicated files between the two halves of X20. If someone were to extract X20+ and then X20 basic, then maps that say McGlynn would be overwritten by maps that don't, which defeats the purpose.

The hospital is one of those locations which is never named, like Santa Monica's SunCo Gasoline, which made it safe to change.

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So how demanding are these texture packs?

Was always interested in checking it out, but if my laptop runs it at snails pace or anything, it probably wouldn`t be worth it...

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VonAether Author

Not very at all. My own laptop is hardly top of the line, and several years old, and there's no noticeable performance hit between playing unmodded Bloodlines and playing Bloodlines with X20. I have noticed that the initial loading of the game might take a little longer than usual as it sorts out the replaced content, but once it's loaded, you're good to go.

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Thanks for the answer! I think I'll give it a try one of these days.

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Is this compatible with we5p's unofficial patch (10.3)

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Hello VonAether!

Is the latest version of your mod compatible with newer versions of the Unofficial Patch?

We are now up to 10.5 there...

Kind regards!

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