A TIE Fighter Mod: Play the X-Wing PC Game from the Imperial side! As big fans of the X-Wing series, especially of TIE fighter, I've always enjoyed the chance to fly the Imperial ships against the Rebels! TIE fighter remains one of my all time favourite games, and one of the best Star Wars PC games ever. As I played each game in the series, I often imagined flying the same missions from the other side - something that was possible in X-Wing vs TIE fighter. Now, we aim to bring this same experience to our favourite game of the series; TIE Fighter. In the mod, you will be able to experience each of the X-Wing missions from the main game release, played from the side of the Empire. Only the Death Star run will be missed - as the Death Star is not available in TIE Fighter. Instead, a brand new storyline, inspired by the expanded universe, will allow you to explore the X-Wing story from a fresh perspective. Please get in touch for more details!

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A single mission example of the whole project. This mission is entitled the Kadorto Rescue - a mission in which you attempt to kill a Rebel trainee who jumps into an Imperial Academy flight school. It features new audio and is an example of what will be available as part of the final release.

X-Wing in TIE fighter Project DEMO
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