Intelligence indicates that the terrorist are planing an attack from their hideout in the small seaside town of Poloviti, Italy. Reports show the instalation is somewhere below the "Mercato Torini" portside. A local sympathizer, known as Paulo, has agreed to provide you with Necessary equipment for your cause. Paulo will assemble your gear at the address 13 Villa Locarno. Good luck. - By Cayle George

TheUnbeholden says

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Its one of those original concepts with the environment and a good premise, along with fairly challenging gameplay.. problem is it ends up being to short to achieve the cult status it should have.
A meat storage shop is a hidden operation for a bunch of terrorists that Gordon is after but it's got such a good level design for the first part and even the interior of the base is great but it feels so wasted to have it so short. I can't really complain really, because what ever this guy makes is superb.

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