WW4 Extended is an unofficial expansion for the WW4 modpack, the OFP & CWA mod that focus on performance. It covers modern, Cold War era and Arctic warfare, adding numerous infantry units and vehicles for all sides, and provides several visual and sound effects (tracers, bullet cracks), support options and many other features.

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Version 1.1 of WW4 Extended, the expansion to the WW4 mod, has just been released. Here's the highlights plus the full changelog.

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Version 1.1 of WW4 Extended, the expansion to the WW4 mod, has just been released.

This update includes several additions and tweaks, regarding models, gameplay and other features.

Units and objects

There's now a desert version of the VDV infantry and a multicam version of the russian counter terrorism units. Russian infantry units in general have also been updated to keep a more coherent and realistic look, also adding some missing unit classes (such as off-duty soldiers) that weren't available due to the fact that they were previously using vanilla WW4 models.

Soviet & Russian Motorized Rifle riflemen

Arctic units now have at their disposal new vehicles, such as arctic versions of BRDM-2, BTR-80 and HMMWV TOW, and the M2 machinegun is now available to all sides.

There's also a few new objects available. Some are ports from vanilla OFP ones and others are thematic variants (desert, arctic) of some of the already existing objects.

New optional features

A few optional logics to enable some new features have been created for this version. Namely, the ability to change the ammo of all the infantry units of a given side from normal magazines to HD ones, and the abilty to enable dust cloudlets for infantry steps, weapons firing and bullets impacting, and so on.


Every single infantry unit has been painstakingly revised to both streamline them further and revise both faces and section count. To the extent that most of them are now even more performance friendly than the vanilla WW4 counterparts.

Russian VDV riflemen


Body armor and rifle ammo values have been revised to perform more coherently. Among other things, helmets now aren't the invincible shields that were before.

All the recoils for infantry weaponry have been revised to either make it more noticeable or decrease it where they were too much incontrolable (this affected mainly to 7.62 magazine based weapons). New recoils with much increased effect have been created for the high dispersion (HD) variants. Units using this type of magazines will now behave like inexperienced or weak shooters. Due to this, it is now advisable to swap mags to HD for insurgent-like factions (by using the previously mentioned HD logic).

Russian counter terrorist units in multicam


The existing previous missions have been revised and updated to use some of the new features and objects. Inconsistencies caused by the launch of version 1.0, causing some missions not to behave as they should, should be corrected now.

There's also a new multiplayer mission available (2 player coop), using the b7.1.1 update for the CCE2 engine by Drongo69. As always with CCE2 we're talking here about a dynamic mission regarding COIN operations, this time featuring USMC Recon vs Middle East insurgents in Desert Everon. Minor tweaks have been made to make it work properly with WW4 Extended. You can also play solo by launching a LAN server (so you can respawn after your inevitable death), or move the mission to the "missions" folder (and play it like any other singleplayer mission).

Main download:

WW4 Extended v1.1 Complete Installer

Check the F.A.Q. first for any question you might have about this project.


WW4 Extended v1.1.1 Patch Installer


There's also a lot of fixes and tweaks here and there. If you're curious about what has exactly changed take a look at the changelog below.

Logics and scripts

  • NEW: (untested in MP) Optional logic to enable dust effects (infantry steps, weapon fire, bullet hit, AT launcher fire, etc)
  • NEW: Game logics that automatically replace infantry ammo with HD variants (both normal and ruck ammo), found in Unit Scripts logic group. It's my old script to replace HD WW4 mags, updated to ext and with added ruck mag support. The script can also be accessed directly to only assign HD to a given unit or group (found in \ww4ext_scripts\hdammoww4ext.sqs)
  • NEW: (untested in MP) Game Logic "Enable fixed speed limit for vehicles" (in Unit Scripts logics), which limits the speed of vehicles to a fixed maximum when their group speed is set to "LIMITED" (it uses a new script: limitedspeed.sqs, the idea is to enhance the chances vehicles -particularly helos- have to engage enemies while on patrol)
  • NEW: (untested in MP) Auto-smoke script that emulates a smoke grenade throw without locking the unit in the "the stars are so beautiful today" mode. This script replaces the old smoke throwing one.
  • NEW: (untested in MP) Auto-flares script that emulates a unit shooting a flare without locking the unit in the "the stars are so beautiful today" mode. This script replaces the old flare shooting one.
  • NEW: Ability to easily change the faces used by a group through the new changefaces.sqs script
  • FIX: Fixed dropping two ruck mags instead of one when unit starts assigned to a vehicle
  • FIX: Fixed some harmless (but annoying) errors related to the init scripts of units that either die or are deleted after spawn
  • FIX: Face count for tropical faces in ww4ext_faces scripts should be correct now
  • FIX: Fixed "Self heal" action menu spam when respawning in MP
  • CHANGE: Updated face scripts to support: army white, specop white, army black and camo black
  • CHANGE: Smoke grenade scripts now don't replace BIS smk gr with a WW4 one (so the BIS one is used all the way)
  • CHANGE: bulletcracks.sqs is now deprecated. There's a new shoteffects.sqs script that deals both with bullet cracks and dust effects
  • CHANGE: Chance to throw a smoke grenade on hit reduced from 80 to 60%
  • CHANGE: Significantly reduced chance of going for a little sprint and then lie down when shot at while crawling
  • CHANGE: Significantly reduced chance for harmless (but annoying) error when unit tries to throw smoke towards a unit that is either dead or deleted
  • CHANGE: You'll be warned of how many calls for support missions are left when they are not unlimited (for CAS, fire and transport support)


  • NEW: Desert russian crew, pilot, pilot helo and off duty
  • NEW: Russian flora off duty
  • NEW: Russian Counter Terrorism units in multicam
  • NEW: VDV in desert version
  • FIX: Fixed class name for squad leaders in VDV mechanized groups
  • FIX: Multicam crew and pilot were using the UCP model
  • FIX: US SR SF RTO had wrong magazines assigned
  • FIX: Replaced VOG grenades with 9x39 mags for CT Russian TL (rifle doesn't have GL)
  • FIX: Recon TL assistant had wrong magazines assigned (SD instead of normal ones)
  • FIX: ASSISTTL_556B_GL_MAGS loadout renamed to ASSISTTL_556_GL_MAGS in 556loadout.hpp
  • FIX: Changed prefix for guerrilla grenadier (flares) from WW4EXT_GUER to WW4EXT_GUE. Added legacy classes to not break existing missions
  • CHANGE: All infantry units have been revised to reduce section count to the minimum possible. This should give some performance boost
  • CHANGE: New models for russian motorized rifle desert and flora, as well as pilots and crew flora and digiflora
  • CHANGE: New models and textures for russian VDV flora (rifle and crew) and crew digiflora
  • CHANGE: Replaced a couple 9x39 mags with a couple smoke grenades for CT Russian Assistant TL
  • CHANGE: Revised body armor values. Helmets are now less protective than before (now the most advanced ones can only protect up to two 7.62 shots)
  • CHANGE: Russian CT medic now uses the new Bizon
  • CHANGE: Loadout definitions increased to incorporate several 556BA assignments
  • CHANGE: Moved slots and unit icon definitions to definitions.hpp in inf cfg pbo
  • CHANGE: Removed camo face from recon multicam units
  • CHANGE: New model for russian CT units
  • CHANGE: Digital flora texture toned down and tweaked in general


  • NEW: M2 Static (stand up) for all sides
  • FIX: Stryker MEV able to heal now
  • FIX: Fixed stryker and harrier compatibility issues with dedicated servers
  • FIX: WW4EXT_5TA (ammo truck) renamed to WW4EXT_5TAm, so it doesn't get overwritten by the arctic one
  • FIX: Shilka now uses the "tank" UI display instead of the "ship" one
  • FIX: Added missing zamerny point to the BTR-80s
  • FIX: Cargo positions for Zils should be correct now (previously they were too elevated)
  • FIX: Added missing proxies in cargo view and fire geo for units riding BMP2s on top. Several fixes to the geometry of the BMP2 in cargo view
  • FIX: Several fixes to Toyota models, including alpha sorting and a couple missing proxies
  • CHANGE: Several changes and fixes to Toyotas, including increasing passenger capacity for transport version to 10 (it was 7), with a total crew of 11, and for dshk version to 3 (it was 1), with a total crew of 5
  • CHANGE: Disabled being able to turn out for the shilka driver (same as in vanilla shilka)
  • CHANGE: Revised and cleaned model for BRDM-2
  • CHANGE: T-90 Shtora system now only deflects missiles that require a laser, cable or are launched by aircraft
  • CHANGE: Woodland US Army vehicles mostly manned by multicam units now
  • CHANGE: Moved zamerny points to the turret ring area for the T-72, T-90 and M1 series tanks. This should help the aiming of AI units attacking them
  • CHANGE: Mechanized stryker and bradley groups: strykers GL replaced with MG versions, added woodland (actually multicam) version of dismounted squad, fixed UCP marksman class name
  • CHANGE: Moved undercover skodas to the civilian vehicles group
  • CHANGE: Russian desert vehicles now manned by desert units


  • NEW: EXT version of Bizon (WW4EXT_Bizon)
  • NEW: SD mag definitions for the 556BA(EU)
  • FIX: (fix for vanilla OFP bug) Added missing laser target for laser designators manned by resistance units
  • FIX: Revised and corrected recoil assignment for most mags
  • FIX: Revised weapon dexterity values (some were wrong, such as the SMG GL having better dexterity than the normal version)
  • FIX: Removed reduced zeroing for SD versions of some weapons (that was a leftover from a previous version where SD weapons had lower zero)
  • CHANGE: Revised some bullet damage values
  • CHANGE: Revised recoil values for all infantry mags. Created new versions of recoils for HD mags, some of them based on the old recoils for non HD (such as those of 7.62 mags). Non HD mag recoils will now always autocenter the weapon, even if the recoil is heavy
  • CHANGE: Homogenized damage values of east RPGs. RPG-75 is now equivalent to RPG-18. RPG-22 is now equivalent to M136 (now RPG-22 can one-shot a stryker). RPG-26 is a bit superior to RPG-22. RPG-7(PG-7VL) is a bit superior to RPG-26
  • CHANGE: Javelin is now "fire & forget". Removed manual control from the javelin, so the missile hits the locked target no matter where the player moves the javelin launcher sight after firing
  • CHANGE: Damage for top down javelin missile buffed to be able to kill any current armored vehicle
  • CHANGE: Removed BIS tracers from all vehicle weapons, so now BIS tracers and EXT tracers can be enabled without any problems (and you can now see the dot of laser designators if you enable the OFP tracers)
  • CHANGE: Tripods now have lower dispersion (previously they were using HMG_AA, which has a ridiculous amount of dispersion so aircraft isn't destroyed in one burst, now they have HMG_INF, as they should have from the start)
  • CHANGE: Added ruck mags to MAP_rucksack for new 556BASD and HD variant mags. Updated ruck related scripts to support the new 556BASD ruck mags
  • CHANGE: M136 AT4 buffed to be able to kill a russian BMP-3 (as that vehicle's armor was buffed to withstand 50 cal)
  • CHANGE: A bit less dispersion for suppressed rifles


  • NEW: EXT versions of most (all?) OFP enterable buildings, plus some other vanilla buildings and objects
  • NEW: Default BIS glasses and sunglasses now replaced with GI glasses and modern sunglasses, respectively. Vanilla glasses and sunglasses now available as BISglasses and BISsunglasses. GI glasses texture cleaned, added glass
  • NEW: Ruined version of the woodland (grey) stone wall
  • NEW: Desert version of rampart, stone wall and all the bunkers
  • NEW: More ammo boxes: flares & smoke, explosives, rifle HD and rucksack ammo and items
  • NEW: New multiplayer mission (coop for up to two players): CCE2 with WW4 Extended units, using CCE2 v7.1.1beta
  • FIX: Disabled canocclude tags from geometry LOD of bunkers (to avoid objects not rendering when looking over them or from the inside out). Fixed geometry for medium bunker
  • FIX: Most objects should now sit correctly on terrain (no more floating sandbags on uneven terrain, etc)
  • FIX: Removed geometry from geo LOD for howitzer camo nets to allow AI units to move below them without problems
  • FIX: Doors of guard house can now be opened and closed
  • FIX: Removed line "sounds[] = {};" in cfgsounds in ww4ext_helper config, which was causing the sounds defined in this config to not be loaded into the engine in some cases
  • FIX: Fixed, revised and updated all EXT missions
  • CHANGE: Bullet crack sounds lowered, so they are just a tiny bit higher than a normal shot (so they now don't always override other sounds)
  • CHANGE: Tweaked invisible targets and related scripts (all of them are Target type now, previously the infantry ones where derivatives of soldierwb; changed the cost values to make sure AI units will engage them more consistently; increased size of fire geometry by A LOT, so it's even more visible to the AI; all targets are now actually objects and not infantry, so there's now no limit to the amount that can be spawned, and all the complicated stuff I had to do in their spawning script -on hit suppression- is not needed anymore)
  • CHANGE: Moved most objects from the "WW4 EXT/Objects (W)" category to the "WW4 EXT/Objects" one (they can be used regardless of the terrain type after all)
  • CHANGE: Updated material definitions with the textures of the new objects

Cold War module

  • FIX: Fixed ASSISTTL_556B_GL_MAGS loadout
  • FIX: ASSISTTL_556B_GL_MAGS loadout renamed to ASSISTTL_556_GL_MAGS in 556loadout.hpp
  • FIX: Changed class names for guerrilla units from WW4EXT_BISRiflemanR, etc to WW4EXT_GUECWRifleman, etc. Added legacy classes to not break existing missions
  • CHANGE: Updated armor values of infantry with the new values
  • CHANGE: All infantry units have been revised to reduce section count to the minimum possible

Arctic module

  • NEW: Rampart and bunkers for arctic terrains
  • NEW: Arctic versions of BRDM2, HMMWV TOW and BTR80
  • FIX: Fixed ASSISTTL_556B_GL_MAGS loadout
  • FIX: ASSISTTL_556B_GL_MAGS loadout renamed to ASSISTTL_556_GL_MAGS in 556loadout.hpp
  • FIX: US rifle Dragon gunner now has proper hiddenselections values
  • FIX: Added missing textures to material definitions for M1A1, FUG, BMP2, T72 and T55
  • FIX: Changed prefix for most units from WW4EXT_ARTIC to WW4EXT_ARCTIC. Added legacy classes to not break existing missions
  • CHANGE: Updated armor values of infantry with the new values
  • CHANGE: All infantry units have been revised to reduce section count to the minimum possible
  • CHANGE: New settings for material definitions to greatly reduce the yellow tint affecting units and terrain when the sun is low
  • CHANGE: Revised textures for camo nets

Main download:

WW4 Extended v1.1 Complete Installer

Check the F.A.Q. first for any question you might have about this project.


WW4 Extended v1.1.1 Patch Installer


EDIT: Added changelogs for arctic and cold war modules


This is really good :)

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kenoxite Author

Glad you like it :)

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This looks epic. Look forward to getting some free time to enjoy it. Great work, especially after all these years. Good to keep a classic game alive!

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krzychuzokecia Creator

Thanks for kind words!

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I have a problem, when I go into the game with the mod the resolution gets bugged, even if I change in and out of the game it does not get normal always the options "stay off the screen", could you help me? I like the mod, to play only the options are bugged

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