The standalone version of the popular Crysis singleplayer modification Wreckage is available for download. Wreckage offers an action-oriented presentation, professional execution, complete dubbing and Crysis-level graphics. Developed by the team who brought you "Rainy Days".

SecretImbecile says

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One of the best examples of a Crysis mod. Unique locations and great game-play which is a brilliant change from Crysis' Pacing.

Some of the mapping was slightly lacklustre, and Would only require small changes to clutter open areas and fix map boundaries.

The ending was a disappointment, and felt rushed. Camera angles were sketchy and resulted in a confusing cut-scene. And I'm fairly sure you can't kill Nomad =/

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Endgeil! Wow that was a hell of a campaign, to the WRECKAGE team I'd say Mission Accomplished! The maps were great, I didn't get lost, the environments are beautiful, the triggers create action all around the place. The gameplay is fluid, and really enjoyable. Theres also a lot happening on the field, unlike crisis where you are the action in WRECKAGE the game delivers you action all around the place, stuff exploding teammates fighting shit raining down from the sky, I could just sit there and watch…

May 6 2012 by OrangeNero