Dominate the entire world on land, recruit and move your armies and navies around the whole world or forge a new nation and conquer the seven seas. A full conversion mod that takes you back to the end of the eighteenth century, The Age of political conflict and military advancements. Giving you the chance to live the most important historical events in Europe, America, North Africa, and later India and Persia. Choose one of the 25 playable contemporary factions each with their own respective territories, strengths and specialties. Join the war for the America’s dream of independence. Support the revolutionaries in Paris for the sake of freedom. The Turkish army is fighting with Russia to control the Black sea. Poland is surrounded by Russians and Austrians and its about to give its last breath. Prussia and the Holy Roman Empire are competing to lead the German world. Now is your time to hold your nation's banner and dominate the globe.

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Old Guards (view original)

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