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World Difficulty is an overhaul of many enemy systems for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

New Behaviors and AI
I've gone over the enemies one by one and hand edited each and every one to be exactly how I wanted it to be. I built this mod enemy by enemy on purpose.
Every enemy has had its AI, health, defense, weaknesses, battle tactics, tracking abilities, skills, aggression and more assessed by me and completely overhauled to make each enemy its own challenge. Enemies are smarter, they fight together, they make use of every option and skill available to them and they don't hold back and play nice. Wolves hunt in packs use to be a joke, but they will co-ordinate their attack and become a more serious threat the more of them are attacking you together.

Pawns also got an upgrade as well. They react more swiftly to enemy threats instead of holding back, make more and proper use of all the tools that you give them, and make more use of the tactics and skills they learn and talk about. They also work better with each other to utilize their collective skills and make opportunities for the group as a whole more often. You'll need the help.

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen gave us so many tools and utilities that were able to be completely ignored and never used. Skulls can inflict curse on enemies, but there was never a reason to worry about carrying their heavy weight around as curse wasn't useful enough to be worried about. Enemies can be silenced, torpor, poisoned, blinded, knocked back and more but there was never a need to do that over raw damage or element.
Now there is. Knockdown has also become incredibly important to pay attention to stat wise. I completely intended bosses to be ridiculous at low level. I intended for you to need to wear the ring pairs that increase knockdown and use the augments to increase knockdown.

If you jumped on a Warg at level 20 with none of the above - you're not going to win. If you jump on a Warg at level 20 after your pawn blinds it, you've cursed it with a skull, and you have used a few different Periapts - you'll likely win as intended. I built this mod by hand to function this way.
Don't expect to be able to survive a full assault by a Cyclops at low level like you've been conditioned to think you can from the base game. You can't. But if you blind him, he'll stumble around like an idiot and be prone to falling down giving you an opening to at least get away and survive.

Debilitations have always made an enemy more prone to several different effects, I've increased this so debilitations now result in some new and different behaviors.
And by themselves, they are now weapons just like any other that will be essential for your survival against these powerful new enemies. I'm not going to explain everything new, as that would spoil the fun, but an example of such would be how goblins interact with poison. Now, goblins are massively weak to poison; the effects last much longer against them, and cause them to behave as if they were even more mentally unstable little red buggers.

Additional World Spawns
A previously absent system, conditional spawns have been added to the game. That is to say, if you go to a certain area with various certain conditions present, different enemies will spawn. This is going beyond the diurnal/nocturnal enemy spawns. Examples include Gore Chimera appearing if you are carrying around weapons or armor that far outpace the current tier of the world, or going out by yourself without your pawns might cause an Eliminator to spawn somewhere on the mainland. There are many secret spawns added, and I hope you enjoy finding them as much as I did implementing them.

Between what had to be done in order to create this mod and the testing that has gone into it, over 2000 hours have gone into development. I hope World Difficulty is able to breathe new life into Dragon's Dogma for you, and allows you to experience Gransys anew.

If you need tech support, or would simply like to discuss the mod, feel free to join the Discord. We have many moderators who act as tech support staff to speedily answer any questions you might have about the mod or any problems you encounter, at any time of day. The "homepage" option here links to the Discord server. I hope to see you there!

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Files are all uploaded


I'm happy to say I got all of the files uploaded last night, so World Difficulty for Dragon's Dogma is now fully available for download from ModDb (and thank god, because nexusmods throttles downloads like no other).
Everything in regards to installing the mod and it's various patches/addons should be easy enough to do. For the most part, extracting the files into your base DDDA install location should do it. If you guys have any other problems, the discord listed as the mod's homepage contains a bevy of users ready and able to perform tech support! (Or, you know, you could just come chat with us, because we're all friendly folks over there)

Anyways, have fun amigos!

MODDB Release!

MODDB Release!

News 2 comments

Hooray! We're releasing the mod on more websites now!


Guys, any tips on what to do if the download keeps failing? I have a slow connection and only get 60 KB/s DL speed :(

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the exp table and grab bag needs a full list of what is in it.

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There is no list the author updated the old mods used and forgot which were in it.

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Is this compatible with the 12/18/2017 patch?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Yes it stays up to date.

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A truely marvelous mod!

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