Woodpecker From Mars v.2.0

What is it?
A multiplayer arena based QuakeWorld mod created in the year 2012, which is about 15 years too late for anybody to give a damn.

How is it played?
Each player starts with 1 of 3 devastating weapons(plus the axe), the Rocket Launcher, Grenade Cannon, or Railgun. The object of the game is to simply frag everybody until you reach the frag limit and win the match.

What's the gameplay like?
Swift, highly skill oriented.

Are there any special commands?
Yes. The Rocket Launcher and Grenade Cannon both have a special secondary attack mode that's activated by +attack2. So bind a key or button to that. You can vote to play the original deathmatch maps by id software by typing .iddm in the console, or vote to play deathmatch maps made by the Quake community by typing .communitydm instead. To vote yes, type .agree. To vote no, type .disagree. Type .help for a brief help message explaining these commands.

Where can I play it online?
At the time this was written, there was a WPFM server running at maraakate.org:27502. But if you're reading this in the year 22,482 A.D. or something that probably doesn't help. You can always run your own server, though. If there are still computers.

Rocket Launcher:
A modified version of the original Quake rocket launcher. It doesn't do as much splash damage, but a rocket will instantly gib an opponent if you hit them with it directly. These babies can also ricochet off of floors, ceilings, and walls, making trick-shots possible.
Secondary attack: Changes the way your rockets will ricochet. In mode 1, they ricochet off walls and explode on floors and ceilings. In mode 2, they richochet off floors and ceilings, and explode on walls.

Grenade Cannon:
Basically a cannon that lobs highly powered Team Fortress grenades. Hold down +attack to activate a grenade and release +attack to fire it. But be careful, because it'll explode after 3 seconds. Timing is everything.
Seondary attack: A terrifying shotgun blast.

Fires hyper-fast bolts of death when fully charged, or rapid fires weaker bolts when partially charged. This is the sniper weapon. Thanks to a powerful recoil it can also be used to "rail jump".
Secondary attack: none.

Your standard, run of the mill axe. On steroids. Backstabs are hot death.
Secondary attack: none.

WPFM adds two new items to Quake and severly alters one of them. If any item, excluding the Ring of Shadows or Envirosuit, isn't present in a level then there's a chance an opponent will randomly drop of one them when they're fragged.

Increases your movement speed. Run circles around your opponents.

Wall Boots:
Allows you to reach new hieghts by jumping off of walls like you're in a Wuxia flick. While you're in the air with your back or side to a wall, press jump. You'll leap towards the direction you're looking.

Satan just loves a good homicidal maniac and will happily lend his power to one should they touch his unholy Pentagram. But there's always a catch... He'll make you highly resiliant to damage, give you fleeter feet than even the Godspeed, and grant you the power of flight. However, he'll only allow you to use the axe to slaughter your enemies because he's oldschool that way. But at least he makes it instagib for you. To use demonic flight, press jump while you're in the air.

Q. Hey, the Godspeed and Pentragram don't make me run faster! You suck!
A. Enter these commands into the console of your QuakeWorld client:
cl_forwardspeed 999
cl_sidespeed 999
cl_backspeed 999
For some reason, and I don't know why, certain QW clients cap your speed. Which makes utterly no sense because the QW server already caps it. The only thing the client-side cap does is cause problems, like making the Godspeed and Pentagram fail to speed you up.

Q. What QuakeWorld server should I use to run WPFM?
A. The original qwsv.exe or a version of it that's been ported to your chosen platform. Other servers might work with it, or might not.

Q. How do I make map rotation work?
A. Add 'localinfo 1stmapname 2ndmapname' to your server.cfg file. For example...
localinfo dm1 dm2
localinfo dm2 dm3
localinfo dm3 dm1
Will rotate through the first three deathmatch maps by id software. See how that works?

Q. I did that but map rotation doesn't work! What gives!?
A. Yeah, some of the "awesome" and "newer" QuakeWorld server programs out there are so broken and buggy that they fail at switching maps even when your localinfo settings are correct. If you're using one such server, then try adding this line to your server.cfg file:

localinfo shittyserver 1

When WPFM sees this, it'll do some work-arounds to try and make map switching work on servers where map switching is broken.

Q. How do I make it so players can choose between playing on id DM maps and community DM maps?
A. Add the following to your server.cfg file.
localinfo iddm (put the name of some id DM map here)
localinfo communitydm (put the name of some community DM map here)
For example...
localinfo iddm dm1
localinfo communitydm aerowalk
Make sure that the iddm map and communitydm map are part of the regular map rotation, as well.

Q. What happened to the "wood whatsnew.txt" change log?
A. Screw it, that's what happened.

Q. How can I contact you?
A. You can find me on moddb.com. My username is "woodpecker_from_mars". From there you can send me a PM. But why would you want to?

Kenneth Scott for the Doom Guy skin
Preacher for Aerowalk
Escher for UltraViolence
American McGee & Bilbo for B1M7
Phats for Spank Me AGAIN!
Pope for It's Not Love, It's Sex
zxc for The Shine

Check out the [HCI] Undergate server at maraakate.org, where you can choose between a *ton* of cooperative maps and frag monsters side by side with your fellow Quake junkies. Or vote up a game of FFA and frag eachother! A lot more fun than my mod, probably.

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Woodpecker From Mars v.2.0 with skin, maps

Woodpecker From Mars v.2.0 with skin, maps

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Woodpecker From Mars 2.0, the first version ever released to the public is finally here! Huh? What do you mean am I forgetting 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2? Shut...

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