Stupidity is not just a mod, even it's not just a game. This is a profound social satire, ridiculing heinous disadvantages of modern society. Drugs, sex, porn, anime, internet, Facebook, hoes, Instagram, Twitter, sms chating, homosexuality, music, celebrities, gaming, gluttony, masturbation, Playstation, PewDiePie, Half-Life and all those things that make us happy...

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iONEguy says

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Лучший мод в моей жизни, шедевр! 10 из 10!!! Никогда не играл в стёбные игры лучше. Интереснее даже, чем eeONEguy Adventure. Даже не верится в то, что это просто мод. Жаль, что нельзя купить в Steam по распродаже со скидкой в +75%. Стоящая вещь!
Хейтеры просто не понимают того искусства, которое здесь есть!
Качайте, не пожалеете!


From a well known classic to an elaborate and exquisite shitpost, my go-to whenever my drugs run out and I need to flee reality.


pingvin55555 says

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Just brilliant as brightest jewel on Earth! Can't wait for PS4 release and on Steam Greenlight.




dinhhongson2013 says

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Very Funny Mod, loved that FPS Doug soundbite for the Explosion and the 8-bit version of trololol, HEADBANG 2000 is the funny weapon name for the Tesla Gun and Windows error messages throughout the entire game

This is insanity, this is disgusting, this is disrespect... but after Wolfenstein The New Order, it's looks much better than Machinegames did.
Screw Bethesda! Upisoft the law!


Phantron says

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