You whip around the corner...a hooded maniac is standing there, looking've got plenty of time to whip up your shotgun and give him a new oriface before he even knows what's going on. He bites the dust, and with a self-satisfied grin, you walk over and strip him of the goods he's carrying. Out of the corner of your eye you see movement in the shadows behind you. You turn around with lightning speed just in time to dodge a lethal blow by a rusty axe. It's a walking corpse, and he's not happy to see you. Well, you don't like him much either, you think, as you whip out your tommmy gun and blow him to smithereens.... Is it a scene from a B-grade horror movie? Perhaps a nightmare induced by eating pizza and pickles right before bed?'s BJ's vacation in England as depicted in "The Halls of Stonehenge", my current mod in the works. Features include: - all new textures and enemies (from "Blood" by GT Interactive) -...

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